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Bullying is not a problem in this school, and is taking seriously. Students are required to take physical education for health purposes. I feel very safe in our school.
For being a small rural school, our school has quite a few extracurricular activities. From plays to the music department and sports, this school has the majority of it. Almost every student is involved in at least one extracurricular activity. The most popular options for students is the plays or being involved in the music department. Our administration support and community support at our school is amazing. Almost every student is involved in an after-school activity as well.
This school has the best opportunities and events for students for being a rural school. Students can pick and choose classes, can take classes online for college credit, and can participate in many extra-curricular activities. I think my school is unique is the fact that everybody knows everybody. Age and student-teacher doesn't matter. Everyone is friends and gets along.
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The overall quality of the teaching staff is amazing. The staff is knowledgeable is what they are teaching and share personal experiences throughout class. Incorporating technology in all of the classes is a great way for the students to learn what they need to learn. The teachers/staff are the most caring, generous, and kind staff a school could ever have. They will talk to students about anything and everything and want to see students succeed and will help them to achieve the greatest they can achieve.
we have a workout room that many of the kids use, an open gym all year around. many kids have done seniour venture projects that involve sports. some games the bleatchers will be packed especially at the end of the season, cause every one wants to see our team make it to state.
Nobody absolutely hates each other. I would say bullying isn't a huge issue where it happens every day. It hardly ever happens to be honest.
I wouldn't go to any other high school. Everyone knows everyone! I like small schools for that reason. It is also easier to communicate with the teachers as well.
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