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I have attended Armorel school from kindergarten through High School. I have made lifelong friends.
It is a small school and gives you the opportunity to know and build friendship with everyone. It has also provided an academic foundation for me to build upon as I continue my education. I have had the chance to learn team building and leadership by participating in both basketball and baseball.
Armorel High School will forever be home to me. Being a small school, everyone knows everyone. We are all very close and love one another. There is really nothing to change about Armorel High School.
Armorel High School is a great place for students of all ages. I have attended this high school since 7th grade and I am currently now a senior now. Coming to this school you will see a great push on academics and sports. Clubs and activities are also included here; which is great for those out-going students. There is not a whole lot of diversity at this school you will greatly notice. but the people here are very welcoming and kind. The food variety and quality has became extremely better than in the past. Over all I recommend this school to everyone it is great!
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Armorel maybe a small school, but it has a lot to offer. All students are given a MacBook at the beginning of the year to help them with online classes or do research for another class. With the small classes, it is easy to get one-on-one attention in the classroom. Like some people say, "We're a small school with a big heart."
Most students are active in the offered sports!
I choose to not eat my school's food, simply because it is terrible.
There are moments where majority of the teaching staff prefer making their students feel inadequate than teaching them what they are not understanding.
It ensures that the school campus is safe and secure
I really like the few Extracurricular activities!
The food is very basic and routine, but it is easy to get used to the school food.
I think that the school is very safe when it comes to outside vistors being able to enter school freely. I think that the school personell should be stricter about the bullying policy and actually enforce the rules to everyone. Sometimes teachers and principals show more favortism to athletes and students whose parents have money.
The workload is pretty heavy at times, but the teachers are avaliable to help pretty much anytime you need them for one-on-one tutoring.
The janitors keep everything looking brand new and it smells nice also when you walk around campus.
With small schools, things are a lot different. They can be great in that the classes are smaller and have fewer people in them. This gives you a more one-on-one relationship with your classmates as well as your teachers. Then again with the school being so small, there are not many choices in courses or extracurricular activities. Still, that being said, I wouldn't change any of it for the world. Armorel is all I have ever known, and I like how things are. I have made some great friends and some pretty awesome memories in our one hallway of a school. I wouldn't change a single thing about any aspect of my high school, because if I did, I wouldn't be the person I am today.
With Armorel being such a small school it isn't as flexible as some of the bigger schools may be. The scheduling process can be hectic and grueling, and there aren't very many "special study options" offered. Depending on which curriculum path you take, the classes as well as the teachers vary. If you are on the honors path, obviously, your classes will be harder and will be taught by harder teachers, which is good. Some classes, such as AP Calculus, require you to have Pre AP Calculus before you can take AP Calculus, and with such limited scheduling, things like this can get messy sometimes. As for the workload, it can be intense sometimes with all of the classes, but it is a good challenge.
With my school, you would think that pretty much the whole world revolves around sports. You can play basketball, golf, baseball, softball, or run boys or girls track, and even cheer lead. Half of the teachers are involved in sports in one way or another. Some coach, others have kids on the teams, and some are just huge fans. That is one thing that we are totally abundant of and that is fans. The bleacher are packed every chance that is given, the gyms are always decked out in orange and black, and the fans are always on their feet and screaming. We have a normal gym for basketball, but we also have a multipurpose gym that is equipped with a full basketball court as well as nets set up for baseball or softball practices. We have one softball field which does not even compare to the baseball field. The baseball field is equipped with better lights not to mention more lights than the softball field, it drains better, the grass is better, the dugouts are nicer, everything is just better on the baseball field. As for track, we don't have an official running track or anything of that sort. No, if they need to practice running, they run the outskirts of the parking lot a few times. We do have a sand pit for the long jumpers though, but that's about it.
The building is in great shape. I think the the color of the hall way is painted nicely. The staff is amazing, teachers are always there to help. The counselors are ready and willing to help. It is a wonderful school and any person would be lucky to be educated there.
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We have two courts in our gym and there are plenty of sports to choose from. The sport we do not have is football. I think it would be a great sport to have.
I am in a lot of clubs at Armorel. They are very fun and help me learn a lot of things. I have learned job interview skills, leadership, and how to help others. I have had really good experiences and hope to have more as I finish high school.
The kids at Armorel are great. Of course, its not perfect just like any other school kids have their problems. For the most part everyone is nice to each other. Race is not a problem at Armorel everyone is welcomed.
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