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As a 13 year student, I’ve truly enjoyed my experience here at AUA. I’ve created many great memories and have been taught viable information from amazing teachers that will assist me as I enter the workforce. I will say that this school is lacking many extra educational programs like an honor society and clubs, and a couple high school teachers tend to change every 1-2 years, which isn’t the best. However, 96% of all the teachers I’ve had truly cared for the well-being of every student. They listen to the students’ opinions, and they give specific help to students if necessary. My time here was well spent, and I’m eager to see what the future holds for this school.
I grew up going here, and have had a rather subpar experience. I was called slurs daily and made fun of for years. I have come out of the school with trauma and anxiety with anything in relation to the school and religion.
I really enjoy the family it creates as well as the spiritual guidance they give you. Armona is definitely a fast working school with a lot of great things to be involved in.
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they have a good environment and see the best in people. when i first visited AUA, I was very nervous, but they brought me in and made me feel at home very quickly.
I had a very good experience here. They teachers are very good getting ready for next step in your life weather it's college or strait to the work force. They push you to succeed in anything and everything.
I enjoy the fact that since it's a very small school, students become a close knit group. Everyone knows each other's names and are friends on top of just classmates. The teachers are very patient and kind and are willing to help students with whatever they need.
I have been at Armona for 10 years now. The academics are far superior than to public schools. The teachers make sure you learn and understand the material. Playing varsity sports for 4 years, has broaden my experiences and has taught me to be more active. Also, the music programs are very active and we sing in many Adventist churches.
An excellent school to learn. Low student to teacher ratio. Therefore easier to learn. Teachers are ready to help and teach.
I have attended Armona Union Academy for 12 school years. Needless to say, it has been a massive part of my life. While I enjoyed almost every minute I was there, it wasn't perfect. While I attended, we had to play basketball on a cement floor, we practiced football on a field with pot holes, our library's newest books dated 2001, our bus had been used non-stop for over 30 years, and there are countless unused rooms many students thought were haunted. However, despite it's flaws and shortcomings, I would not be the same without it. The people I've come across, the lessons I've learned, and the memories I made will burn in my heart forever.
It is definitely somewhat unfair... I just don't feel like it's going up hill. It's sad, but there are a few teachers here that are good, but some are just not good at all, and it's unfair what they do sometimes...
The teachers at this school are awesome! They are really educated in their field of studies, and they are really close with the students
There is before school and after school security for children waiting for parents, van pools
After school sports, pot lucks for homeless, helping the homeless, plays,
This school is a private Christian school, the kids have great teachers who go above and beyond for these kids. The use a lot of their own time to dedicate to these kids. They do a great job telling the kids what to prepare for to go to college.
Your teammates are always there to support you.
Air conditioning is great at this school, technology is only acceptable when we need to look up something or at lunch time.
There really isn't so much peer pressure. People at this school will accept other people for who they are. Race here at the school is not a big thing.
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They are great teachers with easy scheduling process that you will get on the first day of school. The workload and study is very good at this school.
There is no bullying at the school, personal safety is secure.
They have highly great skills on teaching the students. They have no problem on pushing a student forward to learn a subject that needs to be taught.
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