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The atmosphere of Armijo was very welcoming & safe. I graduated as an Armijo Indian alumni c/o 2018 & I would not have wanted to graduate anywhere else. I loved the diversity and the academics the school had & the student body leadership didn't fail to bring all the students together in fun & exciting ways.
This up coming school year I would be a Junior, I've been involved with WASC, Soccer, AVID, and English 10 honors. I've experienced the love that the faculties have for their students. Once you enter the school from the cafeteria this is what I experience: The janitor greats you with a smile and says something like this;"Have a good day ladies," If you get breakfast the ladies who serve you always end with a 'have a good day'. If you're involved with your classes and teachers you'd probably experience their love for you, I know I have. Every teacher wants for their students to succeed in life and that is a Fact. So come and join us at Armijo High School!
My overall personal experience was pretty good especially within the IB program. Most people on campus were nice and most kept to themselves. However, I would like to see improvements on discipline and respect.
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I'd like to start off by clarifying that this is from the perspective of an IB student at Armijo, which provides a far different experience compared to those who are not in the program. But for students in Armijo's IB Program, the school is pretty great! The school is close to Fairfield's downtown area, which is great to visit after school for coffee, Mexican food, baked goods, etc.... As for the environment in the IB program, it's like one big family. By the time students reach their senior year, they've been together for 4 years, have gon through hell together, and it feels like coming home everytime you enter class. the IB teachers are (almost) all amazing and are great at teaching and connecting with students. I could say so much more but I'm running out of space. But to end, the school might not be great for non-IB students, but for IB kids it's pretty good!
No two days were alike at Armijo which never made it boring. Although there were frequent fights, dirty restrooms , and the overall age of the school makes it less appealing.
Armijo high school is a school with a staff that cares for the future of their students and that prepares students through vigouros courses, as well as a school with the most diverse group of students you will ever see. There is a club and a group for every person at armijo and during my first year there I found my group. The most memorable things from this year is being around a community that cares for my future and well-being while being able to do things that I am passionate about such as band and marching band. I met so many gray people and teachers and I feel like in my year I have grown not only as a student , but as a person as well. I had a great year and I can't wait to return for the next. Overall my experience with the community at armijo is a ten out of ten.
I would like to see more student involvement as well as overall care for the students. However, it is one of the most diverse schools in our county. The sports programs could be better, but Armijo has the IB Program which is a great program.
Armjio high school has its good and bad sides. Especially with teachers and rascim . With my experience with armjio high school have had and have teachers were their grading takes weeks for updates .
Armijo High School is a great school if you are in the IB Program. If you are in that program then naturally your college readiness and teachers are better. The diverse student population is the best thing about Armijo. Things I would like to see changed is the schools facilities. The school is over 125 years old and renovations are a necessity.
I am an 18 year-old high school senior who has experienced nearly 4 years at this high school. All in all, the school has mostly good teachers/staff. There is a great library, modern office. Many different types of classes are also offered.
Armijo High School had a good academic program and a decent sports program. AP and IB classes were offered at this school. Many graduates of this school go on to attend a 4-year college.
Armijo High School has a variety of different experiences that are both positive and negative. The positives about Armijo includes the numerous number of sports with amazing school spirit. Armijo also has the IB program which helps a lot for students who are willing to push harder and the experience the college rigourousness. Some negatives about the Armijo High School includes the less participation of students in school events. Another negative is the number of fights and the quality of food that is served in the cafetaria.
Armijo High is a very friendly place for you to be yourself. Teachers and students are very friendly to each other they make your school experience comfortable.
The education I have received at Armijo can be described as outstanding. I am part of the IB program which is a very rigorous program where students really have to put all of their effort and time into the work that is given to them. Some faculty members are not as welcoming and do not take into consideration of your feelings at times. I would like teachers and staff members to be understanding and caring towards the students on campus.
Armijo High School is an interesting school, in which there are examples of individuals who are well educated due to the many education-oriented programs located there (such as the International Baccalaureate Program). These students are given a fair amount of resources to work on their skills needed in college and throughout life. This, combined with the well-balanced diversity of cultures on campus, has left me satisfied with my experience as an Armijo alumni.

With that being said, there are some downsides to the campus. A fair amount of the facilities are under-maintained or are in disrepair (in contrast to the new administration office and the new library), most notably the bathrooms which are always unsanitary due to their age, lack of maintenance, and due to the actions of some students.
Armijo was an amazing experience and I felt I developed in such a positive way. Also, the school offered the IB program which pushes you to become an outward thinker.
Armijo High School is a very diverse school where you definitely have to search for where to belong to. I think there are groups in which everyone can eventually fit in. I joined cross country and track&field my sophomore year and it was the best decision. I found friends I can relate to and these people have become my family. I know sports in our school create strong bonds. The leadership program does what it can but at the end of the day there are still some students that don’t participate and encourage our school spirit.
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I really loved the school spirit and the IB/ leadership program, it helped me meet so many new people!
The school is very diverse and the quality of education is very good and up to date especially since they have the Ib program
I loved the diversity of all the students attending the school. There are many cultures that you can learn about and many activities that you can join. I took part in the IB program that really challenged me and prepared me for college, which was great.
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