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Armando Chapa Middle School Reviews

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While at Chapa, I met many people. Like anyone else, I didn't get along with some of my teachers. For the most part, the staff was super helpful and supportive. One thing I would like to see change is the bullying. Bullying is a worldwide issue, but I think it should be addressed more often than it already is. I've been bullied a few times, and it's not fun. For anybody.
Our school spirit is loud! There was this one time, during a basketball game when us (B team) were cheering for our fellow A-team(ers) at an away game. We cheered so loud that the other coach asked us to quiet down because they couldn't hear their cheerleaders. Pep rallies is where everyone gets hyped! They have many fun events for students and most of them are really fun to just watch! At the end of each pep rally, we have a thing that we did where the teacher would hold the spirit stick and would shout "Whose house!?" And it would be a competition with the 6 vs 7 vs 8 grade to see who was the loudest.
Chapa provides Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Track, Soccer, & Runner club. The coaches push you very hard so that you can strive to be the best you can possible be. They encourage you and give you all of the supports hey can possible provide. They make practices challenging, yet fun at the same time.
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The dress code isn't very strict. It's the usual "finger-length" rule for shorts and skirt and no spaghetti straps. The ID's, however are a very strict rule. You MUST wear one at all times! If you don't follow dress code rules, you will have to change and for ID's there's a punishment for those who consecutively don't follow.
The food at Chapa is great. They have a huge variety to choose from each day! They also provide extra items to buy such as slushies , cookies, and ice cream. The best thing about the lunch is the thanksgiving lunch! They stuff you with the best stuffing EVER!
They're very outgoing and make learning fun
Not really any fights or drug dealing
Yearbook, run my Mr. Taylor is a very outgoing classroom, only 30 students get accepted and everyone wants in.
When I was at Chapa, you could talk to anyone
there are various types of clubs AND ACTIVITES FOR ALL KIDS TO ENJOY
Athletics and school spirit are a huge part of the students and parents and it makes the school a more positive place to be
I love the athletic staff, having them show me a great workout routine got me ready for high school and helped me learn discipline. Having an Amazing English teacher prepared me for my love of journalism.
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