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My daughter has suffered bullying that the school fails to do anything about. The staff doesn't deal well with my daughter's anxiety issues. My daughter started there in 2013-2014 school year and it was an amazing school at that time. However it has gone downhill the past few years. Very disappointed because my daughter failed miserably starting in 2009 and was finally succeeding at ATI. Now she is on the verge of dropping out of school due to the lack of concern and support for kids with disabilities.
ATI is a lot of students last option before dropping out. Academics are weak, but students can learn a lot if they want to.
The small school dynamic makes it hard to find enough students for clubs, but it allows students to have active roles in student government. All students can use activities at Pheonix High School.
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ATI was the best high school I attended. Great culture and I felt like I belonged.
ATI is a lot of new teachers come to the school. It's great to have fresh teachers who are passionate. I loved the teachers at ATI anytime I had a question or problem it was easy to find help.
The student government has a lot of say in what goes on. As long as we can raise the money for it, and it is appropriate. We can do it. The teachers control the kids very well. If they aren't listening after the third time or so, they get sent to their team leader. At this school the teachers are like principals and everything else except for the office lady.
I stopped elevating the school lunches because I am not very fond of them, but I dont hear anyone else talk bad about them.
We do some fun P.E. activities, but the school doesn't communicate well with Phoenix High School, so it is hard to get on a team or anything like that.
I wish P.E. was better, but we make it what we can. I love the teachers. They are awesmoe
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