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Overall experience was good, teaching was good and the academics were very good. Sports are not the strong points of the school, however it can be competitive but this school is more focused for the education. I find the teachers are really helpful and are very nice towards students.
Very tight community, but not a diverse experience. The time spent here I learned many life skills that I can use in adulthood, and the student involvement is always expected.
The only thing this school has going for it is its performaning arts program. Overall the schools teachers are very about favoritism and won’t help anyone unless loved by the teacher. The sports lose every game but get all the funding... I don’t get it... I would not recommend and let us not forget the superintendent who doesn’t know what her is doing and wasting money... overall do not go here
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I had a great time there and made many friends. I had the top marks and also attended Macomb Academy of Arts and Sciences.
My experience at Armada High School is not at all what I thought it would be. I, like many other students, had a rough time during my high school years. I mostly expected that part of growing up, but I didn't expect that my school would sit by, watch this happen, and not help. School should be a safe place were learning is the number one focus and the students are the number one priority. Teachers need to stand up and be involved instead of letting bad behavior slide. Students should be shaped to be responsible, respectful young adults and Armada does not encourage this. Instead they reward students who look perfect on paper but whose character is the complete opposite. Innovation and thinking outside the box are not a focus here and this is a critical time in a child's life to develop and understand of the world around them. I believe with proper change this school can improve, but as of right now it is an uninspiring and dull atmosphere and I am glad to be leaving this year.
I love the teaching staff, the Macomb Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the music program (orchestra). I specifically love Mr. Becker, Mr. Bobek, Mrs. Skokna, Mr. Woznicki, Mr. Carlson, and Mr. Hundey.
I loved my high school experience. I had a great group of close knit friends. The classes I took were good and readied me for college. I gained a lot of knowledge with the A/P classes and Pre-calc. The teachers were mostly awesome at teaching and helping us understand what we needed to know and learn. BPA was also great. I am now in BPA in college. The counseling staff was excellent in helping us get ready for college and help with transcripts and all. Our graduation ceremony was awesome and so were all the other things like the all night party, camping out on the football field, etc. I really miss being in High School at Armada. There is not much to improve just keep it fun and interesting for all the students.
I like that there are classes offered to people who want to go into specific areas. For example theatre, dance, and trades.
Most of the clubs that we have are pretty good. The people who take charge of it are constantly on top of everything and making sure the members are enjoying their selves.
My experience at this school was the best. It's a small school so it allowed for me to have a personal relationship with all the teachers and a lot of the students. It allowed me to get help when I needed it because the teachers weren't strangers. Being at armada allowed me to have a special armada moment. Where in big towns you don't get that. Going to armada was truly special and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
I have a great time at this school. It is in the middle of a small town so everyone knows everyone. I have friends that act like my brothers because we are so close to each other.
The teachers are great. They are always there for the students.
Most students are very friendly. They help each other out on projects and homework and studying. But, some of the students are not motivated and mess around in class making it distracting to those who want to learn and concentrate.
The best part of this school is the teachers. All the teachers I have had have always showed passion in their teaching and are always willing to help. But the principle and counseling staff are giving students a hard time switching their schedules around to fit their needs.
Armada high school does address bullying and security. But when it comes to solving the bullying problem, their technique is not effective.
There are a few different groups of people but everyone gets along and they all seem to get involved weather it's sports or clubs. There is plenty of involvement.
Our school is always coming up with new classes to better the students and to help make their day more enjoyable while they learn. Sadly this is my last year but the arts program is growing fast and our director is creating new classes that are fun and useful for our journey outside of high school.
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We don't have any issues so I don't see much of a system but we do have lock down drills and dogs that come check the school and the parking lot. I feel safe in my school though.
I haven't joined any smaller clubs but I am a part of the Thespian Society and we are very much involved. Smaller clubs are usually put together by students and don't grow too much but they do help bring kids together. Other than the clubs there are sports to join. My only issue is that we don't have a hockey team and that is my sport of choice.
I've gone to multiple schools as a kid growing up and Armada is by far the best one I've gone to and I'm glad I stayed here. Our school is small enough to know everyone but big enough to have a good turnout and school events. The teachers are very caring and it's really easy to make friends here.
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