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Arlington Memorial Middle/High School Reviews

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Good culture. Overall a good school to attend, especially if you are looking for a small and caring school.
I enjoy the small school experience. Class sizes are small enough so that students get the help they need and everyone works together pretty well to support academic achievement. Senior year could have more class offerings for students who don't take AP classes.
Average lunch menu, reasonable prices and decent facility. They've moved toward healthier snack options recently.
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Administration works hard to adhere to policy and be consistent. Guidance is not particularly aggressive. Bullying is not tolerated and students are expected to be in class, ready to work.
It's hard being a small school. Having multiple options reduces the size of some teams (track vs. soccer). Without enough for a JV and Varsity team, many kids end up sitting the bench. School spirit is good - students are very supportive of each other. Years ago, the school routinely won state championships in multiple sports. We are often able to move to quarter or semi-finals.
Most of the teachers genuinely care about their students. It's a small community and many live in town. Teaching styles vary widely but most are able to work with different learning styles to support student achievement.
It's a small school so options are somewhat limited. Clubs like French, Chinese, and Spanish offer students opportunities to travel abroad and explore culture. There are quite a few sports offered (baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, track) and performance opportunities as well (theater, jazz band, chorus).
The school was very small so there really wasn't a lot of sports offered. But the students and teachers were all very involved in the athletics. We always had a pretty good crowd full of students, teachers and parents.
The principal at this school was very involved in everything from education to the athletic teams. The guidance counselor wasn't very involved or helpful for me. Everyone at my school respected the principal and his rules so there was never anything that happened where the kids got in trouble.
The academics at this school are very well put together. By this I mean everything is taught at a level people will fully understand and remember. However, they are also very challenging. There are different levels of academics for each class to specifically challenge students to the best of their ability.
Bullying is one taken very seriously. It is not at all acceptable.
There are some challenges regarding differences. By differences I mean difference in skin color, sexual preference, and others in such matters.
Although each teaching style is different, the teachers are able to portray the information in a way everyone will understand.
The extra activities in the school are very good. They challenge the minds and ways of each student in a different way, and allow each student to challenge themselves and allow them to be comfortable, if nowhere else.
This school is unique because of the student-staff interaction. Each staff member is willing to stay extra to help students achieve goals, and they are willing to help in any way possible. They are also very friendly in the sense you can go to anyone with any problems you may have.
The principal knows each and every student by names and faces, and is always looking to improve the school in every way possible. He is very involved in student and faculty affairs.
There is tutoring and solid amount of access to whatever a student may need. The library was solid and diverse with material. I do not recall my guidance counselor to be great. They had little personality and seemed down a lot! That was the worst part, other than that everything was ideal. Parents were very apart of the school and never felt left out. Their opinions were heard and worth while. The technology was above average. We had a neat computer lab and it served it's purpose for finding information or to occupy yourself when waiting for a ride.
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There aren't a lot of groups at my high school. Sports, music and...that's about it! The best part is that they got a lot of support. My school needs more groups for those less sociable and diversity.
Most people got along with each other. The transition from middle to high school is the same at every school: cliques, bullying, new experiences. It's not a fun time. My school was great at cracking down at bullying and peer pressure was little. Heck, the peer pressure I would see was to have great grades and do sports. I don't see much harm in wanting good grades and athleticism. I was apart of the arts and sports groups. I mixed well, but it can be cliquey with some unfortunate. It was an overall great learning environment with support from teachers.
Our school is all about sports. Each and every person at our school comes to the games our athletes compete in and we have many school-wide events focused on sports. The games are usually full of people watching and cheering on not only their friends but classmates and piers as-well. We have a full gym here, and it is used often. We never have to worry about numbers at my school because everyone is interested in them.
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