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I enjoyed having a small school because it was easy to learn in a class that only would have up to 10 students in it. As well as having such a close relationship with my class mates. The only thing I disliked was that the teachers would have favorites and they would favor those students over others.
The community and people are very friendly. Moving from a big school to one with a graduating class of around 40 was nerve racking, but the people are very nice and welcoming.
I liked how the class sizes were small and everyone knew everyone. Most people were friends with lots of other people. Teachers were willing to help you with whatever you needed. The community was always so supportive.
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I think this school is unique because we have the best teachers around and we are such a small school. Also, the community is very supportive of everything.
Occasional fights in the hallways, some drugs being taken off campus, underage drinking does happen.
Very small portion sizes, even for high school students.
As long as the administration actually enforces the rules they make, the policies are good.
Sports are very important, but the funding is not always there to get the best equipment, especially for the girls sports.
The teachers here are fantastic for the most part.
Due to it being a small school, there are not as many extracurricular activities and there is not as much of a variety in comparison to a larger school.
I had a great experience with the teachers and faculty. They were well educated and took time to invest in their students.
I know I've put a lot of 'it's okay' for the ratings, but there have been some really good things and then some not okay things. A lot of your experience at Arlington depends on what your last name is. For example if a student has the last name Inbody and their parents and their brothers, sisters, aunts, and even uncles have all gone to Arlington then other families know your family who might happen to work at the school (which happens a lot) so they play favorites and help that person with that 'special' last name. It's not fair to any of the students who may be new or their families have never gone there.
In addition, with the sports programs and extracurriculars, unless you play 2 or 3 main sports anything else is looked down upon. For example band and cheerleading used to be accepted and another fun activity, but for the past decade you were lesser than other people in sports if you were apart of those things.
The workload isn't bad at all and for many of the classes you have to really try to fail. It's really disappointing because being a small school we have so less of opportunities to challenge ourselves. I will say that our math program is really good though with our highest level being college level calculus. Other than that most of the classes are easy and only some really challenge the student.
Unlike other schools in the area we have a salad bar that is extremely popular. Not only that but there is always a fruit that goes with the standard lunch and the ala carte lunch option. There are many choices for snacks too, not all are healthy, but there is definitely a wide variety. Costs are said to be the lowest in the county as well! What makes our food service so great is the many options and choices we have to choose from and the extremely friendly lunch staff to help us.
Being a new student at Arlington would be frightening and difficult. Most of the students have known each other since kindergarten and have already developed cliques and social groups of their own and If you really look at the students at Arlington 98% of them are white middle-class Christians. Anything out of the ordinary is usually looked down upon or labeled as weird. It's common that most seniors who graduate to go to colleges nearby. It's not only important to me to make a statement and do something different, but I want to influence others to do the same as well.
The administration and staff of my high school varies to an extreme degree. We have some people who are great at what they do even to the point where they may be over qualified, but on the other hand there are some staff members who have no business working in a school. One problem that I feel is important is the lack of opportunities given for this school. This is common for any small school but if they were to increase their electives and class choices more parents would be willing to send their kids here to become successful adults.
Although the sport options are limited, the ones we have are of good quality and everyone supports them!
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The opportunities we have are of decent quality, however they are very limited!
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