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Arlington High school is a very good school! The only things I would change is the amount of AP classes and clubs.
This school has a very connected, involved community. The staff is amazing and for the most part, the students are as well. It's a great school and even better when you join clubs and teams. As a small school, many people disregard Arlington, but many bright people attend this school and it should not be overlooked.
I have been as student here for four years. Although everyone experiences high school different. I enjoyed my time here.
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I am a student now and I love my highschool because of the friendly and very helpful teachers and how much they are willing to actually help their students outside of class time. I would want to change the phone allowance policy and be stricter on when you can have a phone on school campus.
I attended Arlington High School and it was a great school. The faculty/staff genuinely care about your success. I was a transfer student to Arlington High School and started my sophomore year. I do not know what my future would have looked like if I would have stayed t my previous High School I first attended which was Norte Vista High School.
Arlington is actually one of the smaller schools in the district but I believe that our size is one thing that makes us unique. Our small size leads to everyone knowing everyone, making us a family.
Arlington high is a fun place, with lots of really fun people and is in my opinion the greatest high school in the city!
It was an okay school. A few teachers really cared about us all doing well, but others didn't really seem to be too bothered with helping students at all. My favorite part was the band program there, and it was probably the best experience out of my four years there. I wouldn't trade it for anything. But the campus itself had a few snobby office staff and people that seemed to be biased toward certain students.
They allow for an easy and quick help for scholarships but I would like for more options for scholarships and not just quickly moved to student loans .
Arlington High is a place I can call home. It is very well rounded and comforting with hundreds of other students and faculty members who make you feel like you belong. Arlington High School gives a warm welcome to all students and has a great habit of bringing our community together. If there was one thing to change it would be resources such as weekend classes to help those interested in studying for standardized tests or final exams etc.
What I've loved about Arlington High School over my 4 years is definitely the family aspect. I've loved the small community and connection that students like myself get to make so easily with the faculty. I've loved the spirit over the years. The students everywhere usually know who is who and when it comes to unity at Arlington its there. Despite the change over my 4 years, like a new principal each year of my attendance at Arlington, we the class of 2017 has been able to adjust and respect and work with what is given to us. I don't think there's any other high school experience I'd want to trade for attending another high school. There's a sense of pride from Arlington and what I've learned over my years at Arlington is that Arlington is well respected from the overall community. Arlington is a school that has students represent respect, integrity, pride, genuine character, and overall love for the culture at Arlington.
My experience was great. I really liked the teaching and how they get you ready for college. I just hope that the counselors would help students more and try to give them a little bit of opportunities.
There is a need of change in the school food and have more clean mirrors at the restrooms. I like the teacher here at the school.
I am a Junior at Arlington High School, and I absolutely love it there. There are so many different types of classes and the teachers are so helpful and nice. There are many different types of clubs, and if there is not one the fits your taste you can make one of your own. It is an amazing school!!!!
I liked the fact that most of the students and faculty were constantly a support system for each other. During my four years of high school, we had two students from my class pass away and two more from the class above me. Every single time, we all supported one another through the difficulties.
The students aren't accepting towards transgender. Kids will laugh and make fun of them.
It's an alright school. Some teachers aren't organized and don't update grades frequently.
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My overall experience has been good. Not that many problems nor drama happen hear. The only thing i didnt like was that the schoolbis pretty small compared to other schools but other than that, i loved it.
Simple as quality over quantity. Most teachers actually have a passion for teaching and to help students grow in their education
Most of the teachers here at Arlington are very helpful and motivational to the students, but some teachers act like students and do not think before they act or say something that would offend the students
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