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I liked how big the school was on the arts programs. The music and theater programs were what I was most involved in. All of my teachers were great, and the classes were interesting and engaging.
I have had an amazing experience at Arlington High School because of the resources that have been available to me. I have never had a bad teacher and I have truly made the best of my experiences here. I would recommend the district to anyone, but be sure to engage yourself in the Arlington community or you will surely miss out. The ID initiative has not been entirely successful, but it's getting there. We had a lockdown this year and we definitely have a long way to go with our safety. In terms of diversity, we are welcoming, but could be more encouraging to students that do not have strong academic backgrounds. Overall, Arlington is a great place, but there is certainly room for improvement.
Arlington provides classes of all sorts in order to prepare you for your future as well as keep you involved. If I were to change anything it would be the food and providement of teachers. The food is not open to people of all types such as vegetarians or vegans. Being a vegetarian, I have never been able to buy a meal and therefore can never eat. Regarding the teachers, I have had several teachers who do not fully understand the curriculum and therefore do not know how to successfully teach their students. When questions are asked, they do not know how to answer them and/or are not very helpful. Also, when an entire class fails or is close to failing on tests, students are blamed,whereas teachers should be. But overall, I have had a great experience at Arlington with many teachers who HAVE been able to successfully teach the curriculum and have provided help to those who ever need it because their success is their priority.
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I didn't make the most of my high school experience. I never did anything other than going to class and doing homework. I definitely regret not making as many memories as my peers because Arlington had a lot to offer such as clubs and fun football games/ activities. Most of my teachers were amazing and there are some I will never forget for teaching me lessons I'll carry with me for the rest of my life. Like i said, I wish I was more social and made more friends rather than studying in the library. It was intimidating as a freshman to walk into such a gigantic school campus but it prepared me to handle any college campus I enter because Arlington is larger than most colleges in my opinion. I look at Arlington as an amazing stepping stone for me because I had several teachers that pushed me to continue my education and I wouldn't be in college if it wasn't for them.
I loved the teachers and the academic programs available. They offered so many different options of classes to take to find what interested you and what you would possibly want to go into as a career.
Arlington is a large school with a large community. Its community felt like another family to me. The only thing I would like to see change in my school is the way students and teachers get along. Some teachers are cool and connect well with the students. Others don't seem to inviting.
While attending AHS, I was part of the Marching Band. I found being part of this amazing program taught me discipline, how to be part of a team atmosphere, and the marching band directors were very professional. We won the National Class two years in a row!!
I loved how involved the teachers were in their students. They all cared and wanted everyone to succeed. The counselors also did an excellent job helping every one of us with college applications and our well-being. This must have been a difficult task considering there was over 800 in my graduating class.
It is overall a good school that motivates their students to do well. There are like a hundred different classes to take so it is easy to find their interests. There are also different activities to be apart of after school which is great for students who want to find friends with similar interests.
Teachers for the most part cared about students, guidance counselor was always there for us. My family is very sports oriented so in a big school, being a part of a team helped them to find a niche but if they were not in a sport there were many opportunities for clubs
Communication could be better.
I love the music program there. One of the greatest programs there. Every teacher cares about the students and are the kindest people I've ever met.
When I transferred to Arlington High School, I was welcomed by both the students and staff. They made my transition as comfortable as possible and guided me every step of the way. I value Arlington mostly because of their vast array of clubs and sports. Before Arlington, I attended a small charter school that didn't value sports and clubs as much and so when I became part of Arlington's community I was overly ecstatic to see how many options I had. Arlington also stands out to me because of the diversity among the student-faculty, which increased my comfortability. If I had to change one thing about Arlington I would push for higher security in the school due to their very large population. However, overall I can proudly say that Arlington High School is a school that prepares their students mentally for the real world.
Arlington High School is a very good public school. I have had many great experiences while attending this school. The teachers are amazing and prepare their students for the next level in a very effective and efficient manner.
Arlington is a large school with close to 4,000 students. With its size, Arlington provides a diverse array of classes and activities for all students to get involved in.
Arlington High School is a very wonderful place. They offer so many different programs and clubs, you could find anything you wanted there. Anything you can think of, we probably have a club for. We also are very fortunate to be able to offer incredible courses like computer programing, music, culinary and many more. I would not want to go to any other school. Arlington High School is incredible and I am very lucky to have been given the opportunity to go there.
They offer a wide variety of clubs and sports to get involved with and the education that the teachers provide is excellent.
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Love the elective class options and the class offerings on your interest and many after school activities.
Many people don't look back on their high school years with joy. However, I, in contrast, loved high school, and I believe this is because I was fortunate enough to be at such a great school. I've learned a lot in the last 4 years; not only in my academic studies, but also from life lessons from my experiences here. The teachers are probably the best part. Many are unique, and all of them have showed interest in their students' success, and I can look back on many of them with great fondness and gratefulness. The possibilities are limitless with activities, as there's at least one club that fits someone, and many of them are extensive and full of opportunities. The facilities in the older parts of the school could use renovation, but overall the school doesn't look too bad.
Arlington was big high school and was a little overwhelming when attending as a freshman. There was a lot of support when arriving the first day from teachers and administrative. I loved attending school sporting events and even played many myself. There were a lot of opportunities in different areas of interest (sports, art, music, mechanics, etc.), which helped students find what they enjoyed doing.
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