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Overall, Arlington High School was a pretty great place to spend my high school years. However, some of the teachers just really do not care at all about what they're teaching. I had a teacher pull up a wikepedia page to explain a new topic because he literally did not understand it himself. But I do think that teachers like these are the minority at Arlington. Most teachers seem to love teaching, if not at least love the subject that they teach.
I had a phenomenal four years making new friends, performing at rallies and football games(dance team), my favorite aspect was the educational outreach. Obviously as a maturing student we must learn to ask for help ourselves because teachers have 100 plus other students to worry about. But in the times where I did go up to a teacher for aide, there was not a single time where I was not helped. Every teacher does care for their students all of them. When in time with a student, the teachers here give their full attention in aiding the student through any struggle be in social or educational. It is very inspiring to see such care and willingness and effort these teachers put into educating individuals into responsible maturing people.
Wonderful teachers but if you are a person of color you will be treated differently. Take challenges courses the guidance counselor is not very helpful with applying to colleges.
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Arlington High has a friendly atmosphere. The staff does a great job of trying new learning styles to help everyone learn in a more fun and interactive way. The school offers many advanced courses as well as a diverse elective selection to fit everyone's interests.
I am very fortunate to be a graduate of Arlington High School. I found the majority of teachers to be motivated, caring, and excited to teach and provide a stimulating class experience. Most teachers went beyond class time to make sure you understood the subject matter. All of them wanted us to succeed. I will be forever grateful to all of them for making my time at Arlington High School exceptional and a wonderful memory.
Arlington is a really big school with a lot of opportunities, I enjoyed my time here. The teachers become your friends, your friends help you get involved and before you know it - you're graduating.
It is very large and you see new people everyday. This can be a good or a bad thing. The classes available to take are fantastic and can really help you find your passion. Try to get involved with clubs or sports to get the most out of it.
The best thing about the school was the academic program. The teachers are great! They also offer a variety of clubs and activities.
Arlington was a great school for learning, with a wide rang of educational courses. The teachers are dedicated for the most part. The classroom atmosphere was generally congenial with very few incidence. I am a sophomore History Major at Dutchess Community College, and found that the history department at Arlington was exceptional in preparing me for college. The only weak link in the school might be the English department. I had to take pre-English 101. My English marks in high school were in the mid 90's. My current gpa is 3.4.
What I liked about Arlington High School was the teachers. Throughout my four years most of them showed genuine caring for their students' futures. I built wonderful relationships with many of my teachers. The effort put in by these educators is something any parent should look for at a high school. What I disliked about Arlington was the structure of the content. I felt like most of what I learned in high school was not applicable to daily life. I will never need to prove that a rectangle is actually a rectangle. There should be a bigger educational emphasis on aspects of everyday life. I actually learned how to calculate a percentage of a tip after high school (pathetic I know). Another thing is, they do not encourage students to think for themselves. I didn't learn to think outside the box until my first year of college.
I loved my teachers and the amount of classes offered at Arlington High School. My teachers were passionate about their courses and actually wanted to teach them unlike a different school I went to over the summer for a class. My guidance department was awesome in helping me with my college application process and they are all nice people. I like the large majority of the staff at Arlington High and this school has tons of clubs to offer. With such a large population, there is lots of diversity and overall this school is filled with cultural events, classes and people. Overall, this school was a great one and I had an amazing experience.
Overall good diversity, vast amounts of class options as well as sports and clubs. Teachers can be partisan, but that is to be expected. 4/5 because of how issues are dealt with by administration sometimes.
Arlington High School is a big, well-known New York school. The teachers have all been teaching for a long time and most of them are incredible. I can say with confidence I've only had one or two teachers I didn't love. The school itself is huge, with upwards of 3,000 students enrolled. Personally I like smaller schools more but the large number of students encourages new friendships to be made. There are plenty of clubs and sports to do. The music and art programs are some of the best in the state. Overall, Arlington is definitely a great school.
I would like for the school to have more of a friendly aura rather than like one of a prison. They believe their security measures are efficient but in reality they are far from that. Some teachers are just bitter.
Arlington High School is a decent school, faculty is good, academics is good, but a lack of diversity.
Arlington High School is truly a different school. It offers so much to it's 3500 students each year. It offers guidance that some schools just do not have. I would personally like to thank the Class of 2017 office. I do not know how they handle 850 students and 90% of them wanting to go to college, writing them recommendations. With initiative, you can prepare yourself with taking AP classes from sophomore to senior year. You can join numerous clubs it offers such as Debate Club, FBLA, and even community service club. From the freshman orientation to right now, I am happy and honored to be an Admiral.
Overall, I had a very good experience at Arlington High School. It ma be a very large school but there are many positives to that. I made so many friends over the years that I would not trade for the world. There is so much diversity in the school which makes it very interesting. It is nice to see everyone come together and be able to become friends with anyone they want. The faculty at the school is wonderful. There are so many teachers who are so helpful and caring and that is a plus for sure knowing you always have someone there for you.
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I like the variety of electives that a student is able to take. Also, there are many different activities and clubs the students are able to participate in. However, the school has too many students and there is always crowding in the hallways. In addition, their policies are not always fair.
Curriculum is generally pretty good, many other schools have it better.
A lot of ethnic diversity, political, economic
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