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I like that Arlington High School promotes COLT FAMILY. It allows for the students to feel like our school is a family. We are very spirited at our games which I love! I do wish they could improve on senior traditions, such as allowing for senior quotes. Perhaps creating a senior sunrise or sunset, etc.
My experience with Arlington High School has been overall great. The school has challenged me in many ways that I did not expect, It has greatly improved me as a person, I have made some new friends there, and I think it has given me a different perspective of who I am as a person.
Arlington High is a very welcoming school. One of the best in terms of availability to the food just off of campus. Sometimes those restaurants will give you discounts if you are a student. Would recommend if you are looking for attending of the many high schools in AISD.
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You’re highschool experience all depends on you and the people you decided to be around. I’m finnally a senior in highschool and I’ve had an okay past few years. There are friend groups for everyone. You just need to put you’re self out there a little bit. The number of fights have gone done significantly as well . The teachers for the most part are good. As well as the lunch ladies . They are very friendly. A negative thing about this school is just certain people here who act too grown. But I guess that’s at every highschool. Here and there people do make fun of others. Lots of inappropriate launguge everyday. Dress code does not apply at all. To have a good highschool experience you have to have a small circle of friends.
It's such an amazing school. GREAT staff, they all know what they're doing. Very friendly, clean, and fun. Fantastic environment to make friends. I'm really going to miss this school and all of the teachers!
Arlington High School has wonderful, dedicated teachers however the student’s mind must be geared toward college readiness if that’s what they hope to gain. The school has great clubs and extracurriculars including a gay-straight alliance club.
Small 15% participate in activities. Large minority groups ignored and have other priorities. School and facilities are very old and outdated.
Nobody’s perfect, but given the resources it has I think Arlington High does its best to provide an exceptional learning environment for students.
Arlington High is very Spirit and tradition driven. Because of this the school felt more like a community and it gave the students common ground.
Overall the Faculty and Staff were helpful and had great teaching methods, as well as being compassionate and understanding.
I love my school. It's so diverse it is never a dull day at school besides the learning of course. You feel the welcomed the minute you walk through the door and see how actively linked everyone is. The teachers are so supportive and understanding they make AHS feel like home. As well as the APs they are there if you ever have any questions and need anything ever. Extracurricular activities like theatre plays and orchestra concerts are put together perfectly with hard work and dedication. And our Friday night lights are so fun during football season. And watching any other sport is gun to see the dedication our player put in.
The teachers are cool! Principal takes part in the students activities & keeps us updated with news around the school.
Arlington High School has great school pride and tradition!
However, as the years go by, the students are becoming less involved and more disrespectful towards others. The teachers are great and are very dedication in their jobs. Getting involved in an organization will make a student's high school years the best.
There are awesome teachers at AHS. In advanced classes, almost all of the teachers go above and beyond to help their students learn and succeed. The administration, however, could improve.
I liked the diversity of Arlington High School, and the academics. However, safety sometimes concerns me. Other than that, we have caring teachers who provide the opportunity of education for all students.
Overall, Arlington High is a close-knit family. Everyone is really nice and most of the teachers care for their students. Academics, the arts, and sports are all valued significantly. If anything, the school can do better in terms of diversity and acceptance. However, it is still a great school. Kick 'em Colts!
Arlington High School is full of school spirit. Everyone at Arlington High is so proud to be a colt. The school is the most diverse in AISD, and people treat each other like family and it is so easy to fit in. The staff at Arlington High strives to make the school safe and enjoyable for all students. The attendence clerks, principals, and assistant principals work so hard to make sure their students are well taken care of. The rules they make are made to make all the students great adults in our community. They started a new acronym, "Colts Family". This stands fro Commitment, Ownership, Leadership, Toughness, Selflessness. In my opinion, this is the best way to describe our student class and staff. I can't think of a better school to send your kid to for high school. I am graduating this year, and I'm so sad to leave a school where I made so many memories with, but once a Colt, always a Colt! So proud say I will be an Alumni at Arlington High. Kick 'em forever!
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At Arlington High, every student is proud to be part of the Colts family. Spirit, pride, and tradition are important to both the staff and students, which is evident in the atmosphere that permeates the hallways and classrooms. In an encouraging environment students are motivated to always do their best. Teachers are dedicated to helping students in need, and often will stay late hours to make sure that the coursework is fully understood. The office ladies and assistant principals, are always willing to help despite their busy schedules. The counselors care about the futures of every single student that passes through their office, they strive to carve a pathway to success, and always go the extra mile. Arlington High is the place where students have Commitment, Ownership, Loyalty, Toughness and Selflessness. I personally am proud to be an Arlington High Colt, kick 'em.
Arlington High School is truly a place of spirit, pride, and tradition. Everyday the teachers greet their students at the door, which causes a welcoming environment. Many of the teachers make the students feel good as they are kind and are always doing the best in teaching materials. Each organization has created their own "family" so that its members feel as if they are a part of an amazing group. The school keeps many of their traditions going or at least similar to when the school was first started in 1922.
This might not be viewed as the best High School in the district, but it’s a great school overall. The teachers in this school are helpuful and supportive towards their students.
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