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I like the tradition in Arlington but i would like if there was more spirit behind it because the traditions are old and fun but there i no effort behind so maybe a little change will make student put more effort forward.
Arlington HS is what you make of it. Theres lots of opportunities to better yourself as a student, but you have to take initiative.
Being at Arlington High School for 4 years has been educational and great. I've learned so much from the classroom to life in general. Highschool has shaped me into an young adult and influenced me to continue to go to school and become successful. One change that could be made is the cafeteria food.
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Arlington High School was a good place for me to learn even if everything felt slow at times but the people were great had some drama but nothing that could not be fixed with some time.
I’ve had an overall great experience at Arlington high school. I enjoyed everyone of my classes and I feel prepared to go to college.
Arlington High was alright and had some good teachers, but overall the school itself didn't care much for the students. Just money
My experience at Arlington high has overall been more than just a fun time. When it comes to academics, teachers, and the rest of the faculty and staff they were all more than helpful and genuinely nice people. I was never afraid to ask for help whether it had to with something in or out of the classroom. The student body was very diverse but I will admit that they do not embrace the heritage or culture of others. The spirit days have always been basic and repetitive. One thing I would really like to see approve on campus is involvement with students who are outsiders, make them feel like they are welcome to fit in and always welcome.
it is a high school I guess. First year was fine; we had a lot more freedom. Over the years it gotten more stricter, which made things more annoying and stressful. I still really enjoy the pride and spirit of AHS!
Throughout my years at Arlington High School I have enjoyed the family like atmosphere. The faculty and staff are friendly for the most part and so are the students. We are a school that is very diverse and we also do very well at giving back to the community. One thing that could be better is our pep rallies.
Arlington High is a great school with lots of great teachers who really want to see their students succeed. However, the administration is not as successful as the teaching. The school could be improved if administrators got to know the students on a more personal level, and if they behaved more professionally when faced with difficult situations.
I went to Arlington High all four years and I'm overall satisfied. I remember when it was time to start freshman year and how I didn't want to go there. I wanted to go to Sam Houston High school since all my friends went there. I'm happy I went to Arlington High because I don't think I would be as successful as I am today. Good campus and staff.
I think that the school, itself, is amazing. The tradition is rich, and the alumni association is enormous. Since our previous principal left, the school has never felt the same, but our new principal is getting better and better. He has giant shoes to fill, so he has had a large amount of pressure. While it was real rough at the beginning of his time as principal 3 years ago, I believe that he did pretty well this past 2016-2017 year.
I believe if Arlington High School emphasized their dedication to academics and other school activities more than sports, the students as a whole would improve in their studies. While attending this school, many of the students not in honors classes were often neglected or given mediocre work that did not help them or improve their academics in any way.
Great experience. I played soccer all the coaches and players were friendly, had a great time. Teachers and administrations were there for help.
It use to be a really good school but it is going down hill. I feel like there are a lot of safety issues and racial issues.
My overall experience wasn't as bad as it would have been if I had went somewhere else. The students could have been nicer, but you can't really help that part. The staff was always happy and supportive. As long as you tried and attempted to understand, the teachers would work with you and your grades. The bathrooms were always nice and clean, as well as the hallways. I really enjoyed my 4 years here and wouldn't have wanted to spend it anywhere else! Kick 'em!!!
I love how I am able to be open about myself and be able to make meaningful friends because of it. If there is any problem among the students relation with the school, then solution would be compromised to be fair for the students.
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The school is great. The teachers are very caring and knowledgeable and the administration tries their hardest to constantly improve the school. The only downside is the lack of control that the staff has over the student body as well as the cleanliness of the restrooms.
It really is just a great high school to send your child to! As an alumni, the atmosphere is so amazing. the teachers I came to have, made me a better student and person
What I liked about Arlington High School is how much school spirit and pride and that people have for the school. And how they go all out for spirit day when either our football, soccer, basketball, etc. has a game and they even come out to watch us and cheer to victory whether its raining or sunny out their is still people their to cheer on our school. And, how everyone has each other back like family. That,s what I like about Arlington High School.
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