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Overall, Arlington High is a close-knit family. Everyone is really nice and most of the teachers care for their students. Academics, the arts, and sports are all valued significantly. If anything, the school can do better in terms of diversity and acceptance. However, it is still a great school. Kick 'em Colts!
Arlington High School is full of school spirit. Everyone at Arlington High is so proud to be a colt. The school is the most diverse in AISD, and people treat each other like family and it is so easy to fit in. The staff at Arlington High strives to make the school safe and enjoyable for all students. The attendence clerks, principals, and assistant principals work so hard to make sure their students are well taken care of. The rules they make are made to make all the students great adults in our community. They started a new acronym, "Colts Family". This stands fro Commitment, Ownership, Leadership, Toughness, Selflessness. In my opinion, this is the best way to describe our student class and staff. I can't think of a better school to send your kid to for high school. I am graduating this year, and I'm so sad to leave a school where I made so many memories with, but once a Colt, always a Colt! So proud say I will be an Alumni at Arlington High. Kick 'em forever!
At Arlington High, every student is proud to be part of the Colts family. Spirit, pride, and tradition are important to both the staff and students, which is evident in the atmosphere that permeates the hallways and classrooms. In an encouraging environment students are motivated to always do their best. Teachers are dedicated to helping students in need, and often will stay late hours to make sure that the coursework is fully understood. The office ladies and assistant principals, are always willing to help despite their busy schedules. The counselors care about the futures of every single student that passes through their office, they strive to carve a pathway to success, and always go the extra mile. Arlington High is the place where students have Commitment, Ownership, Loyalty, Toughness and Selflessness. I personally am proud to be an Arlington High Colt, kick 'em.
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Arlington High School is truly a place of spirit, pride, and tradition. Everyday the teachers greet their students at the door, which causes a welcoming environment. Many of the teachers make the students feel good as they are kind and are always doing the best in teaching materials. Each organization has created their own "family" so that its members feel as if they are a part of an amazing group. The school keeps many of their traditions going or at least similar to when the school was first started in 1922.
This might not be viewed as the best High School in the district, but it’s a great school overall. The teachers in this school are helpuful and supportive towards their students.
I was new to the school moving in from California and started as a freshman, and i already started to feel like at was back at home after starting new friendships and making connections with teachers, and easy understandings of the work material. Arlington High is a fun and educational school to be in , i learned so many things than i would have in California.
Very good school and I have enjoyed my 3 years here so far, but very strict and certain things are taken too seriously by admins.
It is a great school but starting to go downhill if changes are not made. School seems really unsafe due to people making jokes they shouldn't be making that question student safety. The teachers are good and some really love their job, but there are the teachers who obviously hate their job and should not be teaching.
While the teachers were beyond excellent, it was those in the adminstraive field that left me with less than hopeful. it was these people who seem to think that because i struggled to concentrate, rather than being in a class with those simliar struggles, i had to be in the social skills class, not realizing the only reason why i struggled with social skills was because i was made to feel like a failure.
When I moved from Connally High in Waco, TX to James Bowie High in Arlington I was terrified but, it was a big and better change for me with the sports part due to Connally did not have anything I enjoyed doing although, it was my last year and felt like I wouldn't get a chance at Bowie but, I thought wrong, I made it to Bowie High and made it on the step team, dance, and Business Partners of America Club. Bowie has shown me great hospitality with this being my last year and not knowing anyone. They have excellent teachers and a great staff that helps where help is needed. Thanks Go Bowie!
I like the tradition in Arlington but i would like if there was more spirit behind it because the traditions are old and fun but there i no effort behind so maybe a little change will make student put more effort forward.
Arlington HS is what you make of it. Theres lots of opportunities to better yourself as a student, but you have to take initiative.
Being at Arlington High School for 4 years has been educational and great. I've learned so much from the classroom to life in general. Highschool has shaped me into an young adult and influenced me to continue to go to school and become successful. One change that could be made is the cafeteria food.
Arlington High School was a good place for me to learn even if everything felt slow at times but the people were great had some drama but nothing that could not be fixed with some time.
I’ve had an overall great experience at Arlington high school. I enjoyed everyone of my classes and I feel prepared to go to college.
Arlington High was alright and had some good teachers, but overall the school itself didn't care much for the students. Just money
My experience at Arlington high has overall been more than just a fun time. When it comes to academics, teachers, and the rest of the faculty and staff they were all more than helpful and genuinely nice people. I was never afraid to ask for help whether it had to with something in or out of the classroom. The student body was very diverse but I will admit that they do not embrace the heritage or culture of others. The spirit days have always been basic and repetitive. One thing I would really like to see approve on campus is involvement with students who are outsiders, make them feel like they are welcome to fit in and always welcome.
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it is a high school I guess. First year was fine; we had a lot more freedom. Over the years it gotten more stricter, which made things more annoying and stressful. I still really enjoy the pride and spirit of AHS!
Throughout my years at Arlington High School I have enjoyed the family like atmosphere. The faculty and staff are friendly for the most part and so are the students. We are a school that is very diverse and we also do very well at giving back to the community. One thing that could be better is our pep rallies.
Arlington High is a great school with lots of great teachers who really want to see their students succeed. However, the administration is not as successful as the teaching. The school could be improved if administrators got to know the students on a more personal level, and if they behaved more professionally when faced with difficult situations.
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