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Its a great school to go to if you want a good quality education. The teachers are great and you meet all types of people.
Arlington is a very good high school, with very good sources. I liked how we went to using more technology in the classrooms. One thing I did not like l was, that the school is moving more towards fine arts majors, and that limits everyone else’s success in their majors.
I very much enjoyed all of my peers and administrators. However, I feel that our budgets could be spent better, instead of buying new televisions for the hallways, how about putting some locks on the stall doors and buying some double ply toilet paper.
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During my four years at arlington, there were a lot of ups and downs. my issue really with this school is the uneven distribution of excellent teaching - arlington is extremely catered to AP students. while there is nothing wrong with being an AP student, it’s excellent to be one, arlington’s standard teaching is considerably inferior.
Arlington High offers a very deep and rigorous academic program, with many clubs and sport activities as well. The staff is very kind and extremely helpful, focused entirely on the success of students and their readiness for college and beyond. The change I would want to see is the school improving the lower end of academics and for those involved in major time consuming sports.
I love the relationships i have with my teachers. Although from others who have graduated have said that they were not prepared for college. Also some of the unnecessary rules are stressed more than the important ones.
The school is great they are getting you ready for college and that have so many courses that are great on college resumes. They have great clubs that you can get involved in. The best and effective class is personal finance because it gets you ready for real world expenses. Everyone that lives in arlington should send there kids there.
Academically, this is a really good school. I dropped out because I found the atmosphere created by the students to be very toxic.
Everyone tells you that high school will be the time of your life. Having just graduated, I’ve had the chance to reflect on my past 4 years of high school. My opinion of the school is that people are friendly and the facilities/resources are expensive and updated, but I don’t think I ever once had a conversation in any class with any student that made me question the way that I view the world. I guess that is what I’m looking for in terms of an education and I just didn’t get that at Arlington.
I enjoyed the overall school environment, but did not particularly enjoy the food or some of the teachers
Arlington is a diverse school that so far has prepared me well for college. I am going to hate to leave the family aspect here, but looking forward to starting this new chapter in my life.
Arlington High School seems to have improved since I graduated, probably due to separating from the county wide district and receiving more income. They offer a wider variety of classes to pique students interests and help them become better applicants. However, I wish they would have pushed the importance of involvement (and more opportunities, specifically) and good grades early on--especially in the context of scholarships.
What I Like about Arlington High School is how organized and structured they are. I will like to see a change in student involvement.
At Arlington I liked how involved the teachers were with your education. You could tell they genuinely cared about what you were learning. I would like to see more of an effort to contain bullying.
For my focus area, the school provides an excellent primary art class but nothing else under the Fine Arts prospect aside from typical art class. There is one Graphic media class and it is just as excellent.
The only complaint I have is their organization and mathematics.
The teachers of the mathematic classes nearly all are bad at their job and rude to students. However taht does not mean all, but when there are bad teachers in the school, the student can do nothing.
I would love to see Arlington High School a more diverse place that has many more options for incoming freshman. The amount of sports should increase.
It was the most mediocre high school experience you can imagine, aside from all the sexual assault and harassment that happened there.
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I have enjoyed my time at Arlington. I have been challenged but supported by my peers, teachers and the administrators. I feel like it is a very diverse school but still united. I am proud to have attended Arlington High.
I liked that it was a school with great faculty to teach, but I wish they taught you more about what to expect in college. The classes were quite simple and they did not prepare me for all the course work to come in college classes
While at Arlington I enjoyed how they much they prepared us for college. The would have a college fair in the month of October and let you speak to college recruiters. What I would like to see change is how the school celebrates awareness?historic months.
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