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I really like my school a lot. There are plenty of college readiness classes such as dual enrollment, dual credit, and advanced placement.
Arlington has given me the opertunity to discover who I am. The faculty and staff are extremely supportive of the students and wish the best for them. I give them four star rating instead of a five because they do have the occasional bad teacher, along with certain rules i persolily find illogical.
The school is very good with academics. They want us to have really good grades and do a lot to help us get better grades. We have a lot of clubs also so there’s really a lot going on at school. We also recently got running a Fine Arts program which everyone is excited for. Very good school!
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AHS is a great school! There are lots of ways to get involved whether it’s clubs, sports, or fine arts, and once you do get involved, it becomes a very enjoyable experience. Fine arts could use more funding though.
I enjoyed all the teachers and the atmosphere of the school. The only thing I would really change is what they do to prepare you for college. They treat you more as children rather than adults.
My experience at Arlington was good, simply because of all of the opportunities that I was able to get through my education. They were always adding classes to help us want to learn more about what we wanted to study in college as well as possibly our future career. They would have classes that would allow us to push the limits of our minds and explore more stuff that we never would have even known. They also have opportunities to take college level classes that allowed you to earn some type of college credit, if you wanted it and your college would accept that type of credit.
Being involved in many organizations and clubs I LOVED THIS SCHOOL , it is one of the best public schools in the City of Memphis.
I like that arlington has block scheduling, that leave you lots of time to finish any type of work that the teacher has given you. I like how they enter a tutoring session in the middle of the day to help kids who are struggling with grades. It shows that really car about kids passing and eventually graduating. I love how envolve the teacher are, they take time out of there busy day to help and it goes a long way. The school spirt is cool and the games we play.
Good school, teaching is lax, teachers care about students, big school bigger than small colleges, class sizes are normal, food is average, nice buildings
The teachers and environment are incredible. They have worked hard to find teachers who genuinely care about students and go above and beyond to help them succeed.
Arlington High School is a school that honestly puts the students first. Every teacher I've had has been reasonable, there is an abundance of opportunity in multiple areas of study, and the scheduling system helps open students up to resources they may not have considered otherwise. I enjoyed my time here, and would recommend it to anyone.
Arlington has a lot of programs where anyone can get involved. We have a lot of AP classes that are, for the most part, very beneficial. Our 45 minutes of stripes are a nice time to get caught up on any work we may have. The dress code is a little too strict. It's understandable but not when girls who have perfect grades or perfect attendance get in trouble for something like that.
Arlington High School is attempting to innovate their curriculum to all technology based. Our internet at the school is very weak and constantly crashes. I have written multiple papers, only to have the IPAD to crash and loose everything. Our principal spends money on anything that is athletic, but neglects the students with talents in the visual arts. Many of my art teachers are forced to buy their own supplies for students, while the school has provided a full gym for the football team. In the theater department, there is a light dangling dangerously above the stage that they have warned our principal about but he has neglected to fix.
Arlington High School is a great school as far as academics is concerned. The school is boring, but I like most of my teachers. I participate in extracurricular activities so that makes it more tolerable. I wish that there was more diversity because there aren't many minorities.
The school administration is way to strict. Can't walk the halls without getting stopped. Cafeteria food is gross. I'd prefer a private school.
I transferred to Arlington high school my sophomore year. The environment is very positive and the administration only want for students to exceed. It is a very prestigious school and the academics are taken very seriously, while athletics are also taken seriously. No student is forgotten and there is something for everyone to be apart of. The only thing I would like to change is to see more diversity because the majority of students are caucasion.
Arlington High School is an amazing school with lots to offer from clubs to sports. Arlington is school where they love to see their students strive for excellence and truly care for their well being.
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My favorite thing about Arlington High is the vast variety of opportunities. Every single day i have something available to do after school whether it be Cross Country Practice, Choir Practice, Game Club, Model UN, or Theater. There's something for everyone. The new no water bottle rule is kind of silly though, since we live in Memphis, TN, where the people are prone to heat strokes. Luckily, many teachers turn a blind eye.
Arlington High School is a very well put together place. It's is always clean and pretty on the inside and out. I am very lucky to be given the opportunity to attend Arlington High School. The teachers are exceptional and generally make all of the students feel safe, supported, and educated.
I am a senior at Arlington. I find Arlington to be an excellent school. The school has many classes to choose from and offers many AP and Honors courses. Many students are in involved in the clubs and sports the school has and is an overall great place.
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