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I believe the teacher to student ratio is one of the biggest benefits to attending Arlington High School, being such a small school it is easier to form bonds with the teachers and enables you to feel more comfortable talking to or confiding in. On the other hand there are downfalls to a small school, in sports and other activities people with more of a "well-known" last name are more likely to be the "star player" even if someone may play better or achieve greater things. Also being such a small school we as students are not offered as many additional extracurricular activities, there are many clubs and organizations I would love to be a part of, but they are not offered here.
Arlington has a lot of separation between group and friends. We never have the same friends each week because its mainly attitudes. Boys are one group and girls are separated between different groups weekly. I have never had a lot of peer pressure but a large majority have taken under by peer pressure.
If one English class isn't the students preference than there are other English classes available to them. School staff is very helpful when it comes to class placement. Online is available to all students who take the time to sign up. Work load is very good. Most teachers assign just enough so we aren't up till midnight doing homework. Its a very nice school with amazing staff.
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I would rate my school as an average type of school. Arlington creates a healthy environment for students but has lacked discipline in some. This school is unique because as years gone by, students in athletics have always been really successful. If I could pick this school again over other schools near me, I would.
My school is very secure when it comes to student safety and regulation. Special security measures have taken place these past two years with the use of security systems and cameras. Bullying is a small problem that occurs in our school but our school administration tries their hardest to resolve this issue. I feel safe when I go to school because I know the new security system will prevent any harm that could come to me.
School lunches are full of the needed proteins, fruits, and vegetables for a healthy meal. Everyday the cafeteria is clean and ready for students to eat their lunch. The variety of food available each week is scarce but it still provides the needed nutrients.
Guidance counselors at my school are very helpful for acknowledging the academics needed to graduate and the information needed from colleges. The school administration is very involved in the policies of our school, including: bullying, dress code, and attendance.
Our school has amazing athletics and fitness opportunities. Athletics are open to any student wanting to be involved. We as a school take time out of our schedules to attend athletic events and support those who are in sports. When districts come around, students and fans dress up for a theme. We believe that supporting our students in athletics, even academics, help improve their effort to be the best they can be.
The teachers at my school go beyond their teaching quota to make sure every student understands what is being taught. Many students are slower than others and our teachers make sure everyone is caught up by the time it comes to testing. When we take tests, the teachers are always under control and keep the classroom quiet for everyone to test effectively. Arlington high school higher the highest academic teachers possible for the job.
Arlington High School have many types of clubs and organizations. FFA is one organization I am committed to. We as a team study numerous hours per week to help increase our CDE scores. It's a commitment I enjoy because each FFA meet is a new adventure for making new and future friends. FFA gives you the opportunity to relate to others with the same interest.
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