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There is an interesting mix of students. A select amount of kids are highly motivated, get very involved in organizations and sports, and lead the school. The remaining students don't value their time at the school, and a good amount of the teachers cater to those students over the top students. A great deal of mediocrity is preached, but some kids break the stigma and participate in the school's strong extracurriculars. Arlington also has a great FBLA adviser making it one of the top chapters in the state, and they routinely have members elected to serve as State Officers. Most sports are fairly competitive with the state, but Arlington is not known for athletic success. Overall, there is good and bad like any other school
I really like Arlington High Schools. I graduated from there this year. What I would like to see change is having a more open minded administration about bullying. I would also like to see a healthier lunch system as well. But overall I loved Arlington and if I could stay I would.
I transfered to Arlington Public Schools as an 8th grader and I think it was a very wise decision. Arlington has very good academic and athletic programs.
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Arlington High School allows students to learn in a small setting, so there is more teacher-student contact. The students are friendly and helpful, but it is the excellent teaching staff that puts my school above the rest.
The teachers are personable and want students to succeed. They take the time to help each student, and their work day does not stop when the final bell rings. They help students before and after school to help them be their best.
I would like the administration at my school to become more involved in worldly events. Specifically, two teachers at my school started a group called Student Activists in Motion to combat human trafficking. This group focuses on education of human trafficking to keep students and others away from it. The administration was not supportive of it, even though it is a great way to be involved in worldly events and keep students updated on how to stay safe in our world.
I love all the extracurricular's that my school offers.
I really love my school, my favorite experience is going to state in baseball.
The teachers at my school are very good, most of them really want to be there and help us as students.
I think, for the most part, the teachers at our school are high-quality teachers. I think some teachers have some areas where they could improve in, but every school is like that. I only see 8 different teachers throughout the day this current school year, but including the teachers I've had in past years, I feel like each one gave me the best opportunities to show my potential. The teachers were not only knowledgeable in the subject areas they taught, but several teachers were also well educated in other areas.
I think that the school is safe due to its location and size. We just got a new securtity system. The school nurse is readily available.
Clubs include FBLA, FFA, Spanish Club, National Honor Society, One Act, and many more. Some clubs meet frequently and require a lot of effort while some meet very infrequently. FBLA is the largest organization at this school.
I had a blast at this school. I feel like anyone can find somewhere to belong. I loved participating in sports and clubs. This school takes both academics and sports very seriously.
Many of the teachers care a great deal about the students both in and outside of the classroom. They take teaching seriously and seek to provide a great learning environment for the students.
Frankly, it could be much better. It is very easy to get through the security.
Other than sports and a few clubs/teams, there are barely any extracurricular opportunities.
My experience has been alright. There have been a few instances of bullying and drama that seem to have not been treated by the faculty, but otherwise my complaints are minor.
Overall, the quality of teachers in okay but there are a few that could fare better at a different school.
Most of the teachers in my school do a very good job at teaching they're subject, but I feel like the subject they teach is all they know and they think it's all we care about. Truth is the students have multiple subjects to worry about and are trying to juggle a huge work load.
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Future Business Leaders of America is one of the most popular clubs in my school. The school finds it very well and the teacher is very committed to the club.
The school administration polices are very prominent. A lot of students get detention for misbehaving, and bullying other students. The principal is very helpful and involved when it comes to disciplinary actions. The dress code is very well enforced, if a student is dressed inappropriately, they will have to go home and change, and the time missed of class is made up in detention. I think overall, my school has a good disciplinary policy.
All of the teachers are very helpful, they try and help as much as they can. They help lead students to the right answer, without completely giving them the right answer. Most teachers have a visual teaching style, they use lots of electronics and pictures, to help further our intelligence. Most of the teachers are approachable and have great communication skills. All of the teachers are consistent in their grading.
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