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Overall, AHS has created a positive high school experience for me. The teachers are experienced and care about the success of their students. The students care about their academics and strive to improve the AHS community. Sports are average, with most emphasis on the soccer, hockey, and football. However, the school is not diverse and does not work to improve this situation. The building is in a must need of renovation and the food could improve in quality as well.
Arlington High has very supportive staff and peers. They do focus on education but also have a concern involving each individual students. Some facalty are not, however, the best of teachers and to some the content is not as easily retainable as to others.
It's a very good high school, just wish there was more diversity. Also they have a great sports program that I think is good
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AHS is a pretty good school and it does prepare you well for college. However, some teachers are terrible or don't prepare you well for exams and AP's.
AHS is a GREAT school. The students, faculty and staff are excellent and professional. The academics are challenging and prepare the students for life after high school. I would recommend AHS to anyone.
Arlington High School is a wonderful environment to learn. Even though the building is old, broken and sometimes disgusting, the teachers and students are what really make the school a great place.
This place was just a fun place to be. Everyone knew everyone and I always felt a sense of togetherness, and I think that sets this school apart from others.
Overall, the teachers are great, but there are some that brought the rating down overall. They often taught in fairly orthodox ways but they want their students to learn an understand the material, rather than just doing well on the test by spitting the material back out.
It's a very diverse group of students, but the teachers and advisers get to know students on a personal level in order to learn what they need to do to succeed. The faculty is very involved in student activity and play a major role in helping students graduate and make plans for the future.
The teachers were extremely fair and understanding. While in high school, I was going through a very rough time because I lost my mother at the start of freshman year. All of the teachers showed outstanding dedication to help me do what I needed to do in order to succeed. Also, when I proposed skipping a grade and graduating a year early, everyone came together to help me achieve my goals. I don't think I would have gotten as far as I am today if it wasn't for my Dean, Mr. Diloretto.
It is really hit or miss with the teachers here, there are a few great ones and there are some that do not teach. I have seen teachers curse out students or do crazy things such as throw a bowling ball around the room. The entire science dept. is lacking.
The academics offered at this school are really great and I'd recommend others to attend this school because it's definitely one students should go to.
There's an interesting social scene at this school and there are sometimes groups of kids that hang together and you wouldn't think that those students would hang out together.
There are many extracurricular opportunities at this school that it's impossible for someone to not be able to be a part of at least one of them.
The teachers at this school were very supportive and helpful with anything I needed or tried to do.
The health and safety at this school is very strong and it's enforced every year.
It was a great community and I enjoyed my experience there.
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Due to the recent threats to the school the security had been great the school makes sure that no threat to the school could be followed through if they feel that it is a great threat they will have the students dismissed early with a phone call/email to parents and the police out front to make sure that the students get out safely.
We have a vast variety of clubs. Multiple of the clubs get the students involved in the community and let them experience new things.
At this school kids from every walk of life come and we do accept each other. We form this type of friendships and relationships that you can see when you walk the halls of this school.
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