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Loving diverse school! Many great opportunities here and there’s are great teachers that actually care about you. My favorite thing about this school is the photography program. The teacher is amazing!
Great school if you’re involved, there’s so many opportunities here if you’re willing to find them. Definitely recommend taking AP and dual credit classes as soon as possible.
Amazing school - wonderful academic and wonderful sports programs. Administration is very approachable and the teachers and coaches are some of the best people I know. The arts program is unparalleled, the classes are getting better and better each year (with a pretty high baseline, anyway), and the students uphold the school culture and organize so many activities to make your 4 years of high school the best years of your life.
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Overall good experience. They are continuing to improve in sports and academics. They are adding on to the school with new buildings as well
There were some days that were better than others. Over all this school is more hyped for a reason. The experiences to the sports, fights, close food spots. This school has it all
I love how many opportunities there are to get involved in not only the school but also the community. However, I wish that more college resources would be available to students of all grades not just juniors and seniors.
I liked how diverse and heavily active the school and the students are. There are many activities, subjects and things t choose from. Also they give different scholarship opportunities for different grades and people. Like photography and even jewelry class art related classes are at the school. The only thing is the school could work on communication to students better because there have been many incidents where it would be something important like picture day and a bunch of people would have no clue. Overall its a great school to be apart of , every school has its pros and cons.
From my four years at Arlington Heights, it has treated me well and been a good time. I feel that academics there are great and it’s because the teachers are great as well. Something that my school is really good at is sports. We are great when it comes to sports and really like to lift up the school spirit!
my experience overall was/is pretty good although it wasn't the best the teachers and some of y pees make it much better would like to see the bathroom more cleaner and smell better
I have been going to Arlington Heights for 4 years and have had a great experience while going here. I have had great teachers that care about the students and are always encouraging us to do our best. I have been on the baseball team all four years. My coaches have taught me to be respectful and to always put forth my best effort, not only in playing, but more importantly, academically. This year I have received help with planning for college, from financial aid to learning about scholarships and grants. Arlington Heights has provided me not only with a good education, but some of the tools that will help me in my college years.
My experience with this school has been great, the administration are very helpful and kind. Many of the teachers are flexible with the students to help with school work also.
It’s high school, some of the teachers care. Some don’t. You will meet the best people, and the worst. I highly suggest taking a year of theater and a year of art, even if it’s not your thing, the teachers are worth it.
I personally believe that the best things about Heights are their fine arts (the dance department is AMAZING) and sports programs. They are some of, if not the best, in FWISD. Most teachers give pretty good lessons, but there were a few classes I had where the teacher would just sit at his/her desk and let the students do whatever they wanted. There is a huge amount of diversity at Heights, and you will easily make friends. There are plenty of clubs and activities to be involved in. However, there is often a lot of unnecessary competition between students, which leads to lots of drama. Most everyone cares about your GPA on your transcript and SAT scores more than you actually learning. The buildings aren’t the best looking and there is little security. Most people go off campus for lunch-there are a lot of good options. I am glad I went to Heights. If you want good sports, fine arts, and friends, Heights is right for you. If you’re looking for the best academics, try Paschal.
Arlington Heights is a very large school. There is diversity within the school but the numbers do not balance out at all. I never hear about any clubs so I'm not involved in any because no one takes the time to make students aware of the opportunities we have. The sports are amazing here, a majority of the students here are involved in sports. School spirit lacks a bit, it's not common for most of the school to show up in support for our sports teams. Especially soccer, the soccer teams all do really well in games and tournaments, but we get no recognition.
I liked how much the teachers will get students involved in a club, assignment or activity. The atmosphere was always welcoming. The sports teams were amazing. I believe they should update their outside facilities (portables) to make them easier to find, bigger and overall better since they are used for a classroom.
i feel like this school is a great school and i have been going to this school for a couple of months and it has a great academic studies program that offer so much for colleges
I attended AHHS until 2018. The school itself really needs an upgrade, the hallways, rooms, and restrooms were usually not the most hygienic. The greatest thing about this school were the AP and honors courses and the AP (and some regular course) teachers. They were truly passionate about teaching and their topics. The school has done some upgrades, but it's more like continuously applying paint onto chipping wood. I would recommend going here if you like a diverse atmosphere and good academic opportunities.
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At Arlington Heights, I received an amazing education. I passed all of the AP tests I took, which was four. The teachers are amazing and I love this school.
I love my experiences here at Heights, the welcoming and supportive community of students and teachers have helped me develop into the hard working, enthusiastic person I am today. The teachers at heights are willing to do anything to help their students learn and grow, not just in the classroom but as people as well. If there was one thing that I could change at Heights it would be the student involvement with school spirit. It is sad to see just my cheer squad and the student council members joining in on the festivities. Over all these past 3 years at Heights have been amazing and I would not change them for anything. The memories I have made and the people I have been able to connect with have been a support system for me throughout my whole high school experience.
Arlington Heights has an open environment for students looking for somewhat of a college experience with on and off campus lunch. Wide open parking for students, and one-on-one teacher student conferences to promote a more independent student. They also have extra classes for students that are interested in furthering their already honed skills and talents in the computer labs.
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