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Going to Arlington wasn't bad I just couldn't fit into it much, lots of fighting and drama. But above all of that I had the best teachers out there for my senior year, they taught me a lot and that's not something I say about many of my teachers. The athletics aren't that bad either the students are behind the athletes no matter what and show team spirit. Administration isn't so bad as people make it seem, some information wasn't passed along or shared out loud but overall pretty good.
Arlington Community High School has been my home for 4 years now due to me starting there in 8th grade. I have seen teachers come and go and principals and each year it gets better an better academically, socially, and just in overall being. The only thing I would change is the food because it's not the best and it never has been it was better my eighth grade and nineth grade years. We would have pizza, fried fish with hot sauce, fried chicken, cheeseburgers, spaghetti, deli meat sandwiches with chips (hot sauce optional), and so much more now we only have pizza, nasty dry pasta with Alfredo sauce, egg rolls (I think), nasty chicken and dry bacon sandwiches, nasty pork sandwiches, things like that. It's torture but when you're really hungry you do what you have to do.
You have to be mindful who is your friend and who isn't. I wouldn't get involved with someone that doesn't have your best interest at heart, or someone that has a lifestyle that doesn't complement your own.
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I definitely will say being here is what you make of it. If you are an outgoing and friendly person it will be a good experience but if you aren't its the best place to get to know who you are and establish that foundation
There can be a lot of room for improvements
There could be better methods applied to how to control students behavior but it should be parents that teach their children how to behave inside and outside of the home.
There isn't a lot of funding put into the sports at this school. But again it depends on the coaches and staff. They generally go above and beyond for those students that genuinely have an interest and those that have natural talent.
There are a few teachers that genuinely care about their students, but it ultimately depends on how involved the student engages with that teacher in order for them to go above and beyond.
There are a lot of opportunities available, but it takes the determination from the student to get involved and truly seek out things that will be beneficial for their learning and future.
Arlington had many programs such as AP Credit, College Tours, and AVID. All of these programs helped me to understand what college was like and what was expected of me, but it was nothing like actually being in college.
School uniforms caused a lot of problems. They would take someone out of class just for the color of the socks.
Basketball is very popular. Everyone supports the basketball team.
Overall everything was average. Teachers were very helpful.
they only have the core classes that you need to graduate and maybe a couple extra fun classes.
Most are african american and they mostly have attitudes...
Its not very talked about during school. No one really gets excited about the games.
There aren't any other extra things. Robotics, gospel choir and sports. That's it.
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They focus on the negative things a little too much.
There are no AP/Honors courses here, so if a student does stay here throughout their entire high school/ middle school life- they get the most basic education possible. I do not feel that this is fair in any way because every child should at least have the opportunity of an AP or Honors class if they see fit.
The teachers are fairly good and the curriculum is very good. Some teachers however, are not all that student oriented and myself and others feel that they are just there for a paycheck or a job for the moment.
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