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They have certain staff members that are really supportive through this process. There aren't always a lot of people who the students are able to go to when they just need to talk about the struggles of school. Most of the support the students get are from either the security officer, Ms. Haggerty, or from other students around them. The principal isn't very much support during this process. The vice-principal is more support than the actual principal.
Arlington Collegiate High school has greatly enhanced my education but i wish we had sports so we can have fun.
The teachers here are all very nice and I enjoyed my first two years here the most. It's very personal and you gain a lot of friends.
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It is a very promising school for students who are not able or think they are not able to go to college and this school helps them with everything to get a head start.
Arlington Collegiate High School is a great school. It helps students go to college and it helps students financially. Teachers here go the extra mile to help and provide for the students here. Their always try to be supportive and there here for the students. Since, every student has a similar mindset and direction, everyone has similar goals. The environment in this school is supportive and it's very education oriented. One of the teachers here was an award winning Milken nominee. She was recognized as one of the best teachers in Texas. Not only are the teachers here amazing. The students here have good supporting relationships.
The thing that i like the most from ACHS is the atmosphere. The teachers are always willing to help. There is also so many opportunities.
Arlington Collegiate gave me an experience that was best for my money, time, and overall education. Teachers remained hands on through all four years and gave me nothing, but role models to look up to. School ranges in the number of people you met plus interaction with college students on a college campus. What's more college ready than a kid already attending university?
Arlington Collegiate High School is a place of new beginnings. It's made me happy and stressed, but in the end I wouldn't have it any other way. This school accepted me and because of it I have over 60+ college credit letting me graduate with my Associates degree, along with my High school diploma. It's a school with big opportunities and because of that I am able to attend a 4 year university. I would like to see the school expand and offer opportunities to others.
Arlington Collegiate High School primarily foceses on academics and doesn’t have sports. However, it’s a school dedicated to helping its students achieve their successes through education.
It is a very strick school that focuses on education. The clubs aren't the best, an the lunch is average. basically, lots of classes an very little social life.
As a senior in this High school, I'm proud to state that I am part of the class of 2018 and this school! We are a small school of only 100 or so students in each grade level so this gives us a chance to know one another and the teachers. We are part of a program to get our associates degree with our high school diploma, and I would say communications was never the problem here. We all have our fair time with the councilor so we all know where our future is headed, and the teachers are always available to help us if we are in need of help. Our principal makes an effort to know all of us so this is a blessing for me.
What I like about ACHS is that it gives kids the opportunity to go further in their education. It gives kids the chance to earn their associates degree while earning their high school diploma. One of the best things about the school id the one-on-one time between teacher and student. The teacher strive and work with their students. They want us to succeed and pass. They give us the help students need to do better and get things done.
I love that your teachers know you on a personal level and will help you with anything that you need. The staff does not accept failure and will stay after hours one on one if necessary. The environment is very positive and everyone pushes you to do better. The school is academic based and gives you a big push so you can be ready for college. It really focuses on the type of career you want so you can start getting the right credits you need later in the future. It saved me two years worth of school and I cannot be more grateful!
It's a great school with friendly staff that makes you feel like a family. Everyone there wants you to succeed, but there is a lot of work and if you are up to it it is worth it for the associates degree.
Coming to this school is 100% worth it because everyone is striving for the success of your future. Although taking college classes instead of regular high school classes may be a little tough, the staff gets you prepared so that you are ready. However, they are not going to hold your hand through each class you take, but that doesn't mean that you can't go to them if you need a little help or have a question. The one thing that not all traditional high schools have is the fact that most of the teachers and staff know you and your face. This makes you feel important because you are part of a gigantic family.
I am the first graduating senior class from ACHS. It was the best experience of my life. They truly care about you, push you to help you succeed.
Arlington Collegiate High School is an awesome school, but it has many flaws. The school offers a chance to graduate with your associate degree for free, and it does sound like a pretty sweet deal! The problem is that the majority if not all the students are extremely pressured to do well in courses that are very rigorous. Many are students are very stressed to pass their college classes and it really feels like the administration doesn't care about the students that much, but rather their grades. Call it tough love if you like because at the end it works.
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My school has given me a very wonderful opportunity to graduate with a high school diploma as well as an associate's degree within a four year span. I am forever grateful for being able to go to my school every day.
I absolutely love my school. I attend Arlington Collegiate HS as a junior and I'd have to say that I am so grateful for this opportunity. The high school staff is absolutely amazing-- most of them are great teachers and care a lot about us students. The first two years of HS, we attend the ACHS building, where teachers prepare us with college-readiness skills. The last two years are at TCC-SE campus, where we are attending these classes on our own, testing and learning new skills that will help us when pursuing our 4-year degree. Although we attend college classes without our teachers, many of them are there to support us and we have plenty of resources that help us if we have any problems. This school definetly isn't perfect, but it is one of the most wonderful things in my life.
It's a fantastic school. All of the teachers there are extremely caring, and willing to help if asked.
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