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I appreciate the size of the school. It's small and it allows the students to get individual help in anything they may need. I also like the family orientated staff, they care for the students like their own children. But, the school can upgrade in technology, books, and decor. This would improve the school overall.
Horrible Ghetto school. Please parents run teachers under paid and don’t want to be there they expect the parents to teach.when there getting paid $10k a year. Horrible ghetto school with no PE or sports for the kids 8grade and under.
Arlington is great with sports but awful with academics. It’s a skill that needs to improve drastically ‼️‼️
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Family oriented. Excellent teachers. I was a new student and received a warm welcome. The process from application, visit and testing was comfortable.
My son just graduated from ACS. I also have a daughter there will will be entering the 8th grade. I love Dr. Johnson the head of school and her staff.
When I enrolled in Arlington Christian School, I knew that I would thoroughly enjoy being a student at this school. I felt that I would be more challenged in my academics. Arlington has various sports teams, all of which include volleyball, baseball, football, track, tennis, and basketball. I also feel that the school should have an art program so that I can better display my artistic ability. Although Arlington doesn't have an art program, I did enter my artwork into the GICAA art competition and received a third place ribbon. I have also sold some of my artwork to various teachers, all of whom enjoy them very much. My artwork is displayed in various areas of the school.
Arlington as a whole has declined since my son started in Kindergarten. He's now in 3rd grade and the only thing that kept him there were his amazing teachers for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. Without them we would have left a long time ago. The administration has been the most disappointing with changes, lack of communication, and what seems to be stagnation. Their standards have lowered and with the amount of money parents are paying for tuition, all the fundraisers and requests for money throughout the year, its not reflected. I started very satisfied with Arlington, but the last year for sure has left a bad taste and my son will no longer be attending. Hoping they get it together with the new head of school bc they could be better again.
The school has no diversity, rules, standards or money.. it is a joke. Chapel= kids dance to same church songs everyday
Classes= kids have heads down and show blatant disrespect
The administrators take a genuine interest in the students and know all of them. The dress policy is enforced.
The school was pretty safe. The type of students that went there when my child was there was pretty decent. When some kids transferred there from a public school, some of them brought their habits that leave a lot to be desired with them.
Arlington used to be one of the best schools with a long waiting list but demographics changed which had a negative affect on the school.
The school focuses a lot on athletics. They don't have a fitness program. At one time, they had all the sports but due to financial problems and dwindling enrollment, they had to get rid of the football program.
I like the school trips and most of the friends I made the teacher are cool but If I could go back I would have pushed my parents more to take me out of the school. mostly because I was bullied and no one did anything not even the teachers who heard it.
Since the school is small we don't really face peer pressure. The school is mostly African American so it isn't really diverse. The school does not accept any lgbt groups.
The weight room is awful but almost everyone participates in sports. The basketball coach is really good.
The principal and school policies are okay there's nothing really bad about it but it is not amazing either.
When it comes to fire alarms and safety policies the school is good at that, however when it comes to bullying there really bad. Very rarely do students ever get expelled for bullying.
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Most of the activities are sports and the cost to play a sport is 75 dollars
I have attended Arlington Christian for 13 years and have excelled in my education with God as my guide.
School faculty and parents partner in all school activities from grounds keeping to club activities.
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