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Arlington Catholic High School Reviews

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The more rigorous the class the better the teacher. Lots of clubs and activities are offered but only 5 are well known on campus. Guidance counselors are very invested in you and your future.
Arlington Catholic High School has some of the best teachers! All faculty members take the time after school to help students with any difficulties and questions. Also, there are extracurricular opportunities for people with all interests.
I loved my whole high school experience! I am so happy I made the decision to go there. I made amazing friends and amazing memories through my years at AC.
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My four years at Ac were some of the best times of my life. I made lifelong friends and memories and it has a sense of community like no other.
From coming from a school where bullying was the social norm, Arlington Catholic was a wonderful, spiritual, uplifting and growing experience.
Arlington Catholic High School is a smaller school focused on a diverse education to fit all students needs. It has an excellent sports program and recently implemented numerous art, cultural and development groups such as chess, film making, etc. my son has made many friends and has enjoyed his 4 years at Arlington Catholic High .
As a parent I found the teachers to be easily accessible and in tune to students needs. The faculty are always on top of any issues and current situations facing schools in today’s world.
The school spirit is very enthusiastic and it is wonderful to see the comradery in the students. Overall my son and I as the parent were very happy with his choice to attend Arlington Catholic.
The atmosphere of Arlington Catholic is amazing. The teachers, sports, and peers are one of a kind. I will send my kids to Arlington Catholic. Everything about the school is amazing. I love it.
There's a lot of racism in the school and lack of diversity. Some very smart students but a majority do not care about academics. Very little resources but tuition keeps increasing every year. Administration does nothing to help bullying if it ocurrs.
I feel like this school is equal to a public high school, I don't feel like people should be paying to go here. If you are a student who takes school serious and like serious teachers, this is NOT the school for you.
I am a senior at Arlington Catholic and for the past four years I have fully enjoyed my experience here. The students are very friendly and very involved with school and sports. The teachers are always available for extra help and always try there best while teaching.
Arlington Catholic has been a safe, nurturing, and intellectually challenging environment for my son. The teachers are fabulous and the atmosphere for learning is evident. The administration is responsive and the staff are very helpful. All around terrific school.
AC is the best decision I could have made for High School. Great people. Could use more diversity. The teachers do genuinely care about the students and the work they are doing.
I really liked some teachers and the friends I have made over the years. However I wish the school made more of an effort in finding certain teachers. Most of the teachers there are great, but some need to polish up their teaching methods.
Don't get me started on how bad this school is. Nearly everything here is terrible the sports, the education, the teachers, the administration, and college acceptance. If you don't believe me you can waste your 11,000 dollars and send your child here when this school is probably worst than the public school in your area
Arlington catholic was a nice comfortable school community to be apart of and helped me be able to succeed academically
I have really enjoyed my time at Arlington Catholic. However, I would say that a lot of the kids are encouraged to take higher level classes than they are ready for, and while they pass and do okay, they end up bringing down the difficulty of those classes. For example, the AP level classes are larger than at many other schools, and sometimes have kids in them who might be better off in an honors level course.
I am a freshman in Arlington Catholic High School and I am an international student. I already spent 4 months in AC. But I had the real connection with this school. All the staff and teachers are really kind. They're helpful. We often have the shadow day so student from middle schools in the area can go to have a day with us in the class. Besides the good education, AC also has a lot of clubs. We have AC drama, AC photography, math club, hiking club, world language club,etc. AC has a wonderful cafeteria. You can get a delicious lunch from our cafeteria. They also have really good bagels. Next January 28th, we have a international festival to celebrate the Lunar New Year. I am so happy because we have that festival so I will not feel lonely in the Lunar New Year day.
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Teachers are amazing! They really take their time to help you. Mrs. Butt is my absolute favorite so proud of her as the new principal
Authorities took time to make sure we were in a safe environment
So many different activities and clubs to choose from! There is a place for everybody
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