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Arleth Elementary School Reviews

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Arleth is a top notch public elementary school with teachers and administration that truly cares about the students. The PTO is excellent and they truly enhance the students experience at Arleth. A truly wonderful school where students have a well rounded early education experience!
My oldest has been at arleth from the first day of kindergarten and now she's in third grade. Each of her teachers have been the best and most caring teachers I've ever come across. Same for my youngest who is currently in kindergarten at Arleth. I only have one teacher of my oldest childs that I am very skeptical of.
The issue I had when Tim Byrne's was the principal was that he stressed the anti-bullying act they promoted in their policy, yet every time my daughter was bullied and he knew about it, he did absolutely nothing, including NOT calling me when he knew my first grade daughter (at the time) was struck in the face on the bus by a 3rd grade male student. And then he had the absolute NERVE to sound annoyed with me when I scolded him for not calling me. That was not the first time this principal failed to put the anti-bullying, ZERO TOLERANCE so-called "policy" into effect each time my daughter was called fat, ugly, or was hit, pushed or cursed at by those kids on the bus. Thank God those kids left arleth last year so my daughters school experience has improved dramatically. Especially since Tim Byrnes left our school to (sadly) become principal of yet another Sayreville elementary school. I have also been reading reviews of him being a negligent principal at his new school as well. He needs to retire already. He has passed his prime and has apparently lost all interest in even remotely caring about being a leader of a school. If he refuses to retire he needs to be removed from his position and stay away from being responsible for any child. He utterly disgusts me. And I hope he reads this. He will know EXACTLY who Mrs Abdelhamid is.
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Out of the 3 elementary schools in Sayreville, I feel, as well as most other parents, Arleth is the best one curriculum-wise as well as bullying issues, the quality teachers, the involvement in the students lives in and outside of school and the overall care they show towards them.
The kids get their daily exercise but the school doesn't have a track and though they have a fairly new play area, its mainkt for the smaller kids. The third graders need something for them to do during recess.
I think the school is pretty safe. I feel confident that my kids are protected at the school. Firstly, the doors are always locked, cameras and speaker phones are installed and always on. They also do many practice drills a month for different things like fire drills and special codes so the kids know if there's a stranger in the hall or someone has a gun and so forth.
I find that Arleth Elementary school is extremely diverse which is something I look for in a school. My children are biracial.They are Egyptian, Italian and Irish. Being a Muslim in America these days is not easy but in arleth, I have notices that while the school separates religion from the curriculum (which is fine for me), they always like to incorporate everyone's tradition and culture, and teach acceptance and tolerance. The school is very VERY supportive of us as a family. When the teachers aren't aware if my children are allowed to eat certain foods or treats they always call me to make sure. As a Muslim mother that means a lot to me. They definitely show they care about us and accept/respect us for who we are.
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