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Very unprofessional teachers. Deans are incredibly strict and will give you consequences for the smallest things. Staff is extremely rude. Some teachers put students through hell just for their own satisfaction.
The staff is very friendly and the school provides a good environment for learning. There are many opportunities to be involved in the school from clubs to sports. The school offers a lot of help, whether it’s through tutoring or even during the college application process.
Some things I liked about arleta was the community and the safety that was enforced. However what I would like to see a change in is the culture unbalance. Many stuffed are often neglected and aren’t aloud to have freedom of speech. Those students that tried to push their own ideas were often looked down upon or told there would be consequences.
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Arleta teaches you how to become a better speaker, a self-taught individual, and most importantly, an analyzer. All 4 of these ESLR's are a growth method they use on the students. I believe these will be reflected on the real world which is why I enjoy attending Arleta High School. They have an amazing staff. Tutoring is always available before, during, and afterschool aswell. I'm currently in the Girls Basketball team. I've been in the program for 3 years. The program has supported me with academics and developing my skills. The coach is great and is a great resource for any problem you might encounter on campus. Attendance rate at Arleta is at a 97% which is amazing because the classes don't have to be postponed during lessons to help the absent students. Overall, Arleta High School has been great to my peers and I. This school has been preparing me for the real world, college, and a job.
My experience at Arleta High School was pretty good. Teachers and staffs show they really care about you.
My experience of being in Arleta for four years have be a rollercoaster but a fun one. Most of the teacher care about there students, the food had improved over the years and the events are pretty fun. What I would like to see a change of that high school is if the school won't be to greedy or expensive when it comes to senior events. And if they made clubs and school events that teenagers will love to get involved.
A very safe school, staff genuinely care about students education and safety. Some rules are over the top and annoying. Very good coaches and sports programs if interested in sports.
I would like the administration to let the students help run the school because it is for us. Instead of being so strict, let the students have more fun spirit days and events. But overall, the academics are great. Many teachers help you pass and give tons of opportunities for them to make up work
I’m a senior at Arleta High School I really like it because they acutely help you and help you out with problems that you never faced in your life. They have really nice staff.
I like Arleta high school because that school helps you to get on track with the
A-G requirements. This school helps you a lot. I am currently a senior and i have grown from my freshman year to senior year. This schools makes you do a portfolio and you have to choose assignments as artifacts. Each year you are to post to have 16 artifacts. At the end the most artifacts you will have would be 32 in total.
What I like about Arleta High School would be the diversity we have here, regardless where anyone comes from everyone here is welcoming and accepting. Us students here see each other as family, meaning that this school is one big family who welcomes anyone that attends here or visits. One thing I would change about this school would be adding more elective classes, because we only have a few options to choose from. It would be nice to see more to fulfill our interests.
Attending Arleta High School all four years has been a great experience. It has a very welcoming environment and almost all the teachers encourage students to do their best. The school does have a different schedule than most other schools, and this type of schedule usually "makes or breaks" some students. The school does offer different kinds of make-up courses for students who have fallen behind. In terms of improvement, Arleta High does lack more Advanced Placement classes and even different electives. There were times where it felt like all the students were being pushed towards similar career goals instead of encouraging them to pursue passions.
What I liked about Arleta High School was mostly about the staff and the teachers. They really pushed me to succeed more and to not procrastinate.
I went to Arleta High School and it's the best school academically in the valley. They are very on top of their students and want all of them to succeed in life. The staff and teachers really care for the student's future. They are strict but I think it's beneficial for the students to stay out of trouble. I do believe the staff should be more open to the student's ideas. However, it's a great and safe school.
The learning experience at Arleta High was excellent. The teachers and staff really root for you and want you to succeed in college and beyond.
This is a really good school as it gives many educational opportunities and many chances to enter extracurricular activities.
Arleta High School is a great school with a lot of support from the teachers and administrators. It is a strict school, but that's what makes us a good school.
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What I like about Arleta High school is the focus each individual student has and what great help we have. Although if I were to change something it would be that the campus is small and others should know how great it is. Our athletic teams don’t have much space to practice and we don’t have lockers so we carry around our books. Finally I would like to say that I would recommend this school for academic high achievers.
The school has many opportunities for students to take initiative and receive high school credit. However, a school has many aspects and academics are not the only one. Students see many injustices in the school. For example, there is no gender equality in the dress code and some teachers have forced students to stand up during the pledge of allegiance. For these reasons my experience with Arleta High School has been great academically but culturally I have seen the need for improvement.
What I like about Arleta High School was that all of the staffs were friendly. Many students in Arleta High changed my whole life by involving the events. All of the grade students talked to me about my facts. I started to get more popular person because of the values. Also, I talked to some of the students that were part of the team. Some of them talked about me by pronouncing my name correctly. During my last Senior Year, all senior students put me involving and made me become Arleta's Popular of the Year. During the Graduation at College of the Canyon, I was surprised when I called for receiving a High School Diploma and everybody stands and cheered me. About my overall experience at Arleta High School, Arleta changed my whole life and never forget the memories.
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