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What I liked about Arleta High School was mostly about the staff and the teachers. They really pushed me to succeed more and to not procrastinate.
I went to Arleta High School and it's the best school academically in the valley. They are very on top of their students and want all of them to succeed in life. The staff and teachers really care for the student's future. They are strict but I think it's beneficial for the students to stay out of trouble. I do believe the staff should be more open to the student's ideas. However, it's a great and safe school.
The learning experience at Arleta High was excellent. The teachers and staff really root for you and want you to succeed in college and beyond.
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This is a really good school as it gives many educational opportunities and many chances to enter extracurricular activities.
Arleta High School is a great school with a lot of support from the teachers and administrators. It is a strict school, but that's what makes us a good school.
What I like about Arleta High school is the focus each individual student has and what great help we have. Although if I were to change something it would be that the campus is small and others should know how great it is. Our athletic teams don’t have much space to practice and we don’t have lockers so we carry around our books. Finally I would like to say that I would recommend this school for academic high achievers.
The school has many opportunities for students to take initiative and receive high school credit. However, a school has many aspects and academics are not the only one. Students see many injustices in the school. For example, there is no gender equality in the dress code and some teachers have forced students to stand up during the pledge of allegiance. For these reasons my experience with Arleta High School has been great academically but culturally I have seen the need for improvement.
What I like about Arleta High School was that all of the staffs were friendly. Many students in Arleta High changed my whole life by involving the events. All of the grade students talked to me about my facts. I started to get more popular person because of the values. Also, I talked to some of the students that were part of the team. Some of them talked about me by pronouncing my name correctly. During my last Senior Year, all senior students put me involving and made me become Arleta's Popular of the Year. During the Graduation at College of the Canyon, I was surprised when I called for receiving a High School Diploma and everybody stands and cheered me. About my overall experience at Arleta High School, Arleta changed my whole life and never forget the memories.
Most teachers are very sweet. Dress code is heavily enforced on girls. Very competitive in both sports and academics.
I would like for arleta to have more clubs/ extra curricular activities. I would also like for them to have more college preparation and more information about colleges or have more programs in our school so that we can get a better insight to the things we need to do
I liked seeing administrators, teachers and other staff being well involved in the students education. Arleta always gives several of opportunities to everyone. I would like to see admin care a little more about student involvement and hear what ASB has to say.
This school gets you ready to apply for things like College, SAT and and FAFSA. This school is a gold ribbon school with a graduation rate of 96%. The advisory teachers have a high expectation of their students to graduation and go to college.
I loved my teachers, they have prepared me for college and a Masters Program in Psychology. They have also forced me to strengthen my critical thinking skills, which is required in Psychology and many other fields.
I wasn't at arleta for that long, possibly just a month, before I switched school, but the time I was there I felt out of place. The teachers seemed alright,but not totally involved but there were some that seemed to really care like my advisory teacher.
It was very clean. Students have great resources for college and can visit the College Center in the main office. Faculty and staff are very kind and respectful such as Rosalino. They do need a greater variety of AP courses, extracurricular activities, sports, and clubs. The only downside would be not having a student parking lot which many seniors can agree was necessary.
Out of my 3 yrs at Arleta I have enjoyed it never had issues the teachers are caring, humorous, but when it comes to learning they're serious so don't take advantage of how they are or no privledges are stripped. Overall I enjoy it and although students may dislike it Arleta is the way it is because they care about our education I mean they're a top school who was awarded a gold ribbon school.
What i liked about Arleta high school was that they are always pushing everybody to be successful and push them to to the fullest to do well. They are very strict, but being strict is a good thing because there on you so you can be someone in life. Arleta high school has a 97% graduation rating.
Something i would like to see change is that they have to have more clubs and activities to do.
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Arleta High school, more than a Gold Ribbon school, is a safe and fun environment for students to learn and develop. The staff is wonderful and supportive. The students are all distinguished learners and respectful peers. Arleta high school is a great school.
It's a really good school because it's strict and they keep you on check. If you start to slack off your counselor calls you in and talks to you and helps you get it together.
The school is a small local school that offers so much to its students. Starting the day off with inspiring quotes by our principal, really sets the mood on how you want to see yourself the next day. One thing that makes this school unique from all around the San Fernando Valley is that our school incorporates a graduation portfolio as a high school curriculum. During the four years, students are to choose pieces of artifacts, which can be any piece of document ranging from homeworks and quizzes to event flyers, and evaluate them to how does that artifact made us grow in mentally and possibly physically. At the point where you become a senior, you will be required to defend you portfolio by presenting to the staff of Arleta High on how the artifacts you've chosen demonstrated how you have grown in the past four years.The school offers a unique clean and safe environment. Since it's a low income school, most of the tech and equipment the school has, is as of this point, all worn down.
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