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What I like about Arlee High School is it’s small is a class C school. I’m not really a fan of big schools. The Arlee Warriors started a Warrior movement for suicide prevention. They went to Nike headquarters to present and get our school sponsored. The teachers are great they help you in anyway they can. I would like to see more new text books. More programs.
I like going to a small school. I know all my high school classmates and everyone for the most part get along. I've been involved in the sport programs with huge support from our community. The education could be better with more diverse classes. Culturally, the school does a lot to embrace Native American heritage. I like my school, I've gone to bigger schools before and am happy that I got to go to Arlee High school.
I like Arlee High School because it is located in a small town that is very friendly. The best part is that you know everyone you go to school with. I believe it has shaped me into who I am today.
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I love on the reservation and being a Non-Native American its been a very interesting experience. I moved to Arlee when I was younger and had no idea what it was like to live on the reservation. Everything is so different. We learn a lot of general history but for the most part we learn a lot about the Indians and there ways. But what people don't realize is a lot is different people are spending there last money at the casino or Native American highschool girls will be pregnant by the time there a sophomore in highschool. Living on the reservation has been an adventure.
Arlee is a good school, they have a lot of great clubs and programs, but sometimes the drama of small town living makes going to school here rough.
It is far better than my former school in Idaho.
The food is pretty great. But, I am a vegetarian, so the food sometimes doesn't always apply to me, but I can be accommodated with a salad, which works great for me.
The policies are followed for the most part at the school.
Depending on the sport, the involvement of everything seems to be pretty decent. Basketball and Football seem to be the big deal at my school.
All teachers are invested in the students and provide a safe and comfortable environment. Coming to school is a blast.
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