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Arkport Central School Reviews

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The overall experience at this school was great.
Most of the teachers are easy to talk to and ask for help with whatever you need. They are willing to help those who need it and are willing to ask for help and work around their schedule to help them get the grades they need
we have an excellent program in our school to ensure that all children are giving the very best care in dealing with different situations daily.
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Our school has many different organizations for all types of students to partake it.
This school is very fair in dealing with situation that occur in everyday life.
Most teachers are dedicated in trying to help the students in every way they can.
All of the lockers have locks and we have adopted a no bulling policy.
Its small but a very good school!
They are helpful and informative.
Sports but not many other activities
Teacher's work hard and help students.
At some times, the administrations seems to be a little too involved in the affairs of their students. I believe that little things such as sholder straps and backpacks are a small issue in the big picture.
Teachers are amazing here and take every step to help students achieve.
Facilities are well kept and taken care of frequently
Safety is very good here.
Teachers and administration address rules very well and carry them out efficiently.
The administration is realty good here but the competitiveness at some sports at the school could be better.
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This school is most certainly one of the best schools in the state of New York. Teachers at this school demonstrate how a hard work ethic can make you go far in life, and it all starts with academics. I definitely felt prepared for college upon graduating from this school.
There is not a wide variety of food choices, not all choices are healthy and it tastes like cafeteria food. Frozen then warmed up. Pack your lunch for sure!
Coming from a small school, there is not a variety in extracurricular activities. On the plus side, it is easy to join any team, or club as there are rarely tryouts. My school and peers are really good at coming together, getting along, and working hard even if we are small!
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