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Arkoma High School Reviews

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Arkoma High School has an excellent faculty and staff. The teachers work to meet every students needs and they are always looking to make learning fun and enjoyable.
I love this school the teachers give u a lot of one on one time and the people are really nice. I truly love this school. The football games are always lit. We show great school sprit.
Arkoma High is a small school that has about 150 students from 9th grade through 12th. Everyone in the Town of Arkoma are like family. When football have games on friday night; everyone is there. we win and lose as not only a team but as a family. The teachers at Arkoma High are extremely confident in their ability to mature us and get us ready for the future. From teachers and coaches to the administration. Everyone is nice and try to help each other out.
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Arkoma High School is a great school. The people there are amazing and everyone is like a family. It is a pretty small school with about 25 students in my senior class and 100 in the whole high school but at the sporting events you can't tell it because the whole town is there.
My experience at this school was different from what I expected it to be. I thought this would be a drama filled but it turned out to be the three years of my life. This school is unlike any other one. I look at all of them as my family and I think that is what sticks out the most about Arkoma. All student body comes together as one; in unity to support each other. If I had the chance to do it all over again, I would definitely do it without a doubt! It's the smallest school I have ever gone to and I believe everyone benefits from that, students get more one on one time with students which helps you become very close to the teachers. Of course that means you get closer to the students as well. Believe it or not there is hardly ever drama. My answer will always be yes.
All of the teacher and staff at Arkoma High School go beyond expectations. They value their students life and truly help when any of us need it. I have been to multiple schools in my school career but none of them can compete with Arkoma. I look at every single one of the teacher's as a role model. They all show great interest in all of the student body, they create great lesson plans for us, and I know that no matter what happens I could come to them.
most of the teachers are really good, but there have been a few who acted like they didnt want to be there
The school is pretty small, so you're not exposed to much, but the people are pretty friendly.
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