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Having been a soccer player at Arkansas High School for four years, I - ultimately - believe the negatives outweigh the positives. While I do see attempts to beef up the football program, bring in better coaching staff, and allow parental advice, the results appear to be at the expense of other sports or staff. However, the coaches are well-liked and enjoy being involved with their players' lives.
Arkansas High School is a great school to attend. The teachers are good at what they do and there are many classes that can prepare a student for college and the career of their future. The staff at Arkansas High is helpful and strives to make sure students are going in the right direction. Students are provided with what they need to be successful, and it is all up to them when it comes to doing so. Whether that be studying, doing homework, or paying attention in class, we the students make a very important choice in school. Because at the end of the day, applying yourself to do your best in school is what matters most, and Arkansas High School gives every student the opportunity to do so.
It has been okay for my last two years, junior/senior, because my teachers were/are becoming more involved with helping me get ready for college. Our faculty all help to make sure we are in a safe environment and to make sure we are learning at our highest ability. My Freshmen year did not start off very well because I began getting bullied, but one teacher in particular, James Williams, helped me to believe that they were all just jealous because I was pretty and smarter. Without his help I don't think I would have made it through my freshmen year. As I've gotten older it has become more easy, I still have problems with some of the students, but the faculty makes sure that I am safe and able to learn without having problems. As far as our extra curricular we have amazing competitive cheer/dance squads, our soccer, football, and basketball teams are all great, and we have an amazing band!
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The students have great school spirit. They are very loyal to their school which you can see when they have pep rallies. I would like for them to change the food they serve at lunch.
It's a pretty good school. Everyone is supposed to hate high school, but I didn't mind being there. I looked forward to going to some of my classes, and I couldn't wait to get out of other classes. Most of the teachers were great, but a few seemed like they'd rather be at other places at times. The food was pretty great my freshman year, but the quality declined year after year, though my sister, who's a year behind me says it's gotten better since I've left. In my opinion, the athletics division is a very good one to be in. Many of our teams were pretty great. However, if you judge a high school's athletic division's capabilities based on the football team, like any other person does in the south, you'd say that Arkansas High can't win anything. The academics were great. There's a variety of classes to choose from, but there are some that people would have to take no matter who you were.
I liked the vastly diverse groups of people at Arkansas high! You pretty much cannot NOT fit in. I would like to see the food and cleanliness change.
Its something like home. You can get along with any body and every body. I play football for Arkansas High School and every coach treat me like i'm there son. I will miss all the laughs and enjoyment at Arkansas high.
I had very good teachers and guidance at Arkansas High. I feel the counselor was my best asset because she truly cared about the students and was very hands on in helping in any way possible. She was always available to the students and utilized several areas in order to reach students such as emails, social media, etc. to keep the students informed. I was fortunate to have a good group of teachers while at Arkansas High, I just wish there were more that were there for the love of the profession and not just a paycheck.
Arkansas High is a very social High School everyone knows everyone we hang together in different social groups and clubs. We all care for each other if something effects one of us it effects all of us. Academics teachers care for all of there students and will help them all the way and will not let any student fail same with the counselors. Every staff member looks toward the students and make sure we're on the right track.
Honestly, the only thing I see wrong about Arkansas High is the cell phone rule. Teachers need to realize that the golden age of technology is here, and more and more technologies are coming out. It's sometimes okay to put away the text book and break out the cellular device! I also do not enjoy the fact that we do not have lockers, but are expected to carry around so many books and things. This can be a real inconvenience. Otherwise, the faculty is great, acedemics are fantastic, and I can proudly say I will be well prepared for college when I graduate in 2018.
Arkansas High is a wonderful environment. Teachers are truly dedicated to their pursuit to better the educational system. Teachers often take approaches from many multitudes in order to promote learning while cultivating pop culture. The teachers do this all while still following state guidelines which is wonderful for both the student and teacher. Although Arkansas has a few problems. The teachers create a better environment within the school.
Well we have a couple police officers on campus at all times. These officers roam the hallways between class and scan out any kids trying to act up. The officers also check the kids for dress code of course and talk to some of the student status they are closer with.
Well the interact club is verry involved in the community. It is well supported by the school and the administrators are verry involved in it. The student council is not much at all all they did this past year is basically have meeting and verry few activities most people just join the club, because it looks good on college resume's. Fellowship of Christian Students is another club we have on campus. It is actually one of the biggest clubs that we have and that is supported by most but not all of administration. Now the Nike Club is alot similar to the student council except they only did maybe 2 event this whole year. This club can only insurance if junior and senior high school girls and then 4 or 5 girls.
I really enjoy how active some of the clubs are. Such as the interact club and or the Fellowship of Christian Students club. What also is pretty cool is all the fundraisers that the different clubs have and how sometimes differently fast food resultants come on campus for student to buy from. Lastly but not least I believe it is unique on how in the second semester there are certain days that some colleges come and visit and are on campus during all of the lunches and they provide information about their college.
Well the teachers go from day to day, I mean one day they will be engaging in the classroom, but then come to the next day and its not exactly the same situation.
There are many opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular opportunities at Arkansas High. I personally am involved in Cheerleading, Student Council, NIKE, Fellowship of Christian Students, Interact Club, and RTV.
One of my favorite experiences at Arkansas High was my senior pep rally this year. The school spirit was the best I had ever seen and all students, teachers, and parents were very involved.
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The teachers at Arkansas High have been some of the best mentors I've ever been involved with.
So far my overall experience at Arkansas High has been great. I get a long with everyone and I always look forward to going back after a long break. Our football games, especially the Texas High vs Arkansas High football game, are so fun and bring the whole school together. Arkansas High is unique because all of the students are friends with each other. There are no "cliques" at Arkansas High. If I could do it all again I definitely would because ''why not?'' it's not that bad considering it is school.
The teachers at Arkansas High really are good teachers. They try very hard to give their students the education they need and don't let disrespectful get in the way of that. Overall, they listen very well and always know how to help.
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