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Arkansas City High School, overall, is a pretty decent school. It provides students with what they need, but almost everything is average. In my opinion, there isn't much that makes ACHS stand out. However, the one thing I am extremely happy with at the school is the teachers. Most, if not all, truly care for their students, not just their grades, but their well-being too. The teachers are very personable and are their for the student if need be.
It's known as a small school, but compared to others, it's not. It's a place where I feel safe during the night and daytime if I'm hanging out with my friends pass curfew.
Pretty average considering the location of the school. There are a few teachers who are passionate about teaching, but they are overshadowed by the overwhelming apathy. Without the desire for achievement in the majority, the school only drags everyone down to the same unenthusiastic crawl by the time they complete high school. It's ironic that some of the most popular ideas are lackluster and the less popular are strong. The technology is also laughable. There's a definite attempt to implement technology, but it's just an attempt.
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I love how many friends I have made and how friendly the teachers are. They make it feel like home and that we can always trust them. The principles definitely make it look even more fun just by the connection they all have.
Arkansas City High School is a great school that has a lot of sports and activities. In addition, they have helpers or translators for people who do not speak English.
I have enjoyed clubs such as the National Honor Society and Arklight, the student newspaper. The drama department has always put on entertaining shows and that has added to my time there.
We as students are challenged every day to put our best foot forward. There are many options for class and different clubs to get ourselves out there. Our teachers and counselor go above and beyond to help each and everyone of us students.
Throughout my time at Arkansas City High School I enjoyed the people. The population size of the school was just right. I also enjoyed the amount of classes they had to offer. I feel as if the administration would listen to the students' opinions that the school could excel academically. I wish the school had more up-to-date resources. My overall experience with Ark City High School has been reasonable.
I loved my high school experience while being enrolled in that fine establishment. Enjoyed my classes and the homework felt rewarding after finally comprehending the material.
The school has a few procedures to protect students.
This school is located in a small city where many people know each other and their families. However, if I could do my high school years all over again, I am not sure if I would want to go to Arkansas City High School because I did not care much for the city itself, but I had great friends willing to help me even when I got upset about small things.
There are some really good teachers that are there to help the students, but there are also the others that are there only for the money or something to do during their time. Those that are happy to help are willing to do what they can to help you pass the class while understanding the material. The others just end up confusing the students more than necessary.
The staff at Arkansas City High School did a fantastic job helping each student succeed and follow their own individual dreams. I highly recommend this high school.
Most kids either do athletics or hold a job or do nothing after school. I don't see a lot of opportunity for leadership organizations or clubs.
Overall the teachers have been excellent. Standouts include Mr. Stinemetze (Chemistry, Physics); Mr. Gates (Choir); Ms. Berthot (English and theatre director); Ms. Sheer (upper level English), Mr. Pyle (math). These teachers have been extremely knowledgable,motivating, and caring. There have been a few cases of poor teaching, but overall I am very happy with the quality of teachers.
Not a big opinion on this question... I think it's fine
This high school is average in most areas. Where it is below average is in the opportunities available for high achieving students (AP classes are not offered in every area; and there is little recognition or pushing for academic success.) Most of the teachers in our experience have been very good, with a few excellent standout teachers in the upper level Science classes, upper level English, and Choir. There is a lot of emphasis on athletics. However, the Choir/Theatre departments have seen a vast improvement in the past 4 years. With a few exceptions, it seems that an overall sentiment from parents and students is that being mediocre is good enough (not in athletics, but in academics and leadership).
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It all depends on the student actually. If you want to challenge yourself you can, they actually recommend people to take harder classes, but most students want the easy A so they don't.
I would say this school is pretty safe. Once a certain time hits the clock all the doors are locked and visitors have to come in through the office.
There are a lot of organizations at this school. Not a lot of people join clubs though because most student feel like they don't have time because of sports or homework. Sports is definitely a big thing at this school, almost everyone loves going to games especially when we play against our rivals.
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