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I liked how personal the experience was. The faculty genuinely care about their students and do all that they can to help them succeed.
I was one of the Lutheran kids who transferred over a long time ago and from what I experienced was that Arkansas Baptist was a fun place to end my senior year. The only thing is I wish that the classes were more challenging. The teachers though were very skilled in influencing students to care and become proactive in their work and community.
Arkansas Baptist High School, now named The Baptist Preparatory School, was a great high school experience. The education prepares you well for college, the teachers are caring, and there is a good Christ centered atmosphere.
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It's a very small college, which made everyone who live on campus close. You had to make fun out of what you had, and the people there for the most of it was fun. A good little college experience. Not too many things to do because the school didn't have a lot of money.
Could use some improvement in academics. High school in general does not prepare you for college. And students should be advised starting in the tenth grade about future college and career plans. Assessment tests should be utilized more often. Additionally, the school needs more diversity. The school does have a great staff and administration. My only criticism is that they should be more aware and sensitive to students who have different beliefs.
Arkansas Baptist is an amazing school. It recently changed its name to The Baptist Preparatory School. I have attended this school for 12 years and have no complaints. Baptist Prep has become my family as they have taught me to be loyal and encouraging. They have been loyal in teaching me with excellence not only core subjects, but also what it means to have a relationship with Christ. They have encouraged me whether or not I have succeeded or met their expectations. As a senior, I now feel prepared to go to college because of all I have learned.
The school offers a lot of duel enrollment classes that are great for earning hours and almost all of the teachers are wonderful and care about their students.
My school is amazing because of all it has to offer. Coming here in 7th grade from a public school was a complete shock. The teachers are constantly praying for and with their students, and the caliber of education is extremely high for an high school. I have been able to take concurrent credit classes and get a head start on college. I could not have chosen a better place for my education than Arkansas Baptist.
I have been attending Arkansas Baptist since 5th grade and has loved it ever since. I'm currently a senior at the high school campus and classes are college readiness based. It's a really great school
The lockers are arranged by grade and knowing everybody's names. Our janitors keep everything clean for us and I like how we get to choose our own parking spots. I would like to see changes in the rules regarding lunchroom time, the strictness of the teachers and only 12 to a table; the jacket requirements of only 2 colors and logo smaller than a credit card.
You'd be better off with public school than Arkansas Baptist, which does not even have a nurse or art room or artist teaching. The school is very much lacking compared to public school. Stuffy people who claim to be willing to help but don't do so. Their knowledge of how to prepare for college is zero - "preparatory school," what a joke - LOL. An added note - My child was heavily bullied at this school and nothing was done to help. And as far as a Christian education, memorizing Bible verses is about all they know to do and not even an explination or discussion to the kids about those. Run from this school.
Great School pride both academically and sports. They provide the ability to learn and experience life with mission trips.
This school changed my life! I went there for 8 years and they were the best years of my life. This school prepared me for college with the difficulty and amount of course work. It also helped me go out into the world and defend my faith and share my testimony. At this school I was able to go on a missions trip to share the Gospel and serve others in Cajarmarca, Peru for 10 days.
I had a great experience at this school and I'm so glad I got to attend Arkansas Baptist for high school. The christ centered curriculum helped me grow so much and I'll never forget how much my teachers cared for me. I would recommend this school to anyone.
There is no school nurse or health programs or safety services.
Not many people participate in many clubs at the school.
I felt isolated and lonely at this school by the students and faculty.
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The teachers care a lot about the students and academics.
It is small enough it is very comfortable but large enough to offer a wide variety of interests to be great
Very devoted and caring genuinely love their students
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