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Arkansas Arts Academy High School Reviews

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The small atmosphere allows for students and faculty to build a relationship that allows for both student and teacher growth.
I have loved studying different types of fine arts and academics here! Each teacher is caring about your grade and wants you to succeed.
I loved the atmosphere and friendliness of everyone. The teachers I had were excellent and helped me excel in my education greatly. There are no changes that I think are needed, the school has changed tremendously and looks and flows a lot better through these changes. It is a fantastic school for people who enjoy any type of arts.
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Arkansas Arts Academy is definitely the best choice for arts integration into superb education. They offer a wide variety of arts courses, from dancing, to visual art, to culinary art, and multiple music programs, all of which are fantastic!
It is a wonderful place to be. Before I came to this school, I was constantly forgotten, nothing but a number among other numbers. No matter how hard I worked, nothing I ever did could make a difference. At Arkansas Arts Academy, however, I was able to become so much more than just another student. I was able to grow as a musician and a leader in an incredibly encouraging and supportive environment. Each and every teacher has the student's best interest in mind and is willing to go the extra mile to help students be successful. The focus on the arts is wonderful because it helped me understand that my passion for music is valid and important. There are so many wonderful things about this school.
Arkansas Arts Academy had a very welcoming, and family type environment. Everyone seemed to know each other and care for one another. It was easy to make many close friends. All of the teachers are amazing, especially the arts teachers, as they provide help for specific technical skills in the art of your passion. Overall, it is an amazing school and I would encourage anyone to attend.
I have had the privilege to be a part of a truly unique high school experience. I have found more positivity and support here than anywhere else, shaping me into someone I can be proud of. The small classes gave me the advantage to develop a sense of familial love for my classmates and faculty.
I love the small school setting. Everyone of your teachers will know more than just your first and last name. You will have personal relationships with each of your teachers; they will all care about you and know how to help you learn in the best ways possible for yourself. It's a friendly environment that is supportive of one another. Uniqueness is appreciated and found beautiful. Arkansas Arts Academy is a wonderful place full of wonderful people.
Arkansas arts academy is an amazing school. They have the second highest test scores in the state, and as far as I know they are the only school to focus on as much arts as we do. The teachers are fantastic and are willing to help you with your work and will work with you in the class. Because the classes are so small your teacher will almost always have time to work with you individually. Our arts categories range from Piano, Orchestra, and Guitar to more simple things like Dance, Art, Choir, and Theater. While our school doesn't have sports like football and baseball you can enjoy outdoor physical activity by taking mountain biking or even taking cross country. Arkansas Arts Academy is the ultimate k-12 choice for arts and education. Aspire, Achieve, ADVANCE!!!
There are many great things about Arkansas Arts Academy. My favorite thing about the school is the family-like atmosphere. When I am at school, I don't have to be afraid to be myself. I can act how I want to act, believe what I want to believe, and be who I want to be without fearing the judgement of others. The faculty are all devoted and supportive. They are there for me if I ever struggle with anything. My school certainly has its flaws, but they are easily overshadowed by the many great things about it. One thing about the school that is very important to me is an ability to make a difference. I have never once felt like I was "just a number" at my school. I am able to speak up about my opinions and be heard. That is so valuable in a school.
I have loved my time at this school. Its a very family oriented atmosphere meaning the teachers actually care how your doing in your studies and personal life.
Magnificent overall. Student performers held to a higher standard, thriving in nurturing, safe environment of creative education. Deadlines, discipline, relationships, general wellbeing - all moving targets for maturing adolescents preparing for more demanding, competitive global markets. Administration and faculty successfully merge tried-and-true with bold-and-new, encourage open minds/open hearts, and challenge students to exceed expectations, academically and in their crafts. Some think always too much homework and not enough time, but some learn crucial time management and critical thinking skills necessary to overcome future obstacles with confidence and strength of character. We are a team of parents, staff, and community leaders mentoring, celebrating, reinforcing, and modeling what it means to respect the intellect and appreciate the arts, aka constant left-brain and right-brain interaction. Change? Students want more autonomy less veto on extra-curricular activities.
If there was an "It's good" option, i would select this one. I feel very safe at school, but the nurse isn't always on campus. We only have one nurse for both campuses of our school, and many times this has been an issue. On multiple occasions I have been sick and needed to go to the nurse, but she was not there. My best friend has a medical condition where she could need immediate medical attention at any moment, but once again there isn't always a nurse. I find it very unsettling and inconvenient that this occurs.
Some extracurriculars are great, and others not. I was involved in Show Choir, and my life went upside down due to all of the stress. If you can handle it and like to "be perfect and professional" rather than for enjoyment, than Shoc is for you. If you are not involved in a company here, you may be frowned upon or feel left out on occasion.
As a senior, I am ready to move onto the next chapter of my life. But, I have made many memories at this school and overall the environment is good. This year, administration has caused a lot of headaches and I wish that aspect were better. If it weren't for the students and staff, my experience wouldn't have been the same. My experience centers around the relationships I made rather than the things I did. I have many fun, silly, and enjoyable memories such as the time me and my girlfriends did yoga in guitar class. I have things that I will never forget from my high school experience here.
Teachers at this school are unique in the aspect that they truly know their students. If I were asked to choose a favorite teacher, I couldn't select just one. Quality of teaching in the classroom is one of the reasons why I have stayed at this school. Besides just learning, students are able to build relationships with teachers and ask for help when they need it. As an arts school, creativity is incorporated into academics. Rather then fussing about it, teachers grasp hold of the added aspect and use it to better the student's education. Being taught not only what is necessary, students gain interest in new topics and studies and leave with expanded knowledge.
This school prepared me extremely well for college. They helped me become ready for deadlines, and being self motivated for my education. The only topic that I feel this school didn't prepare me for was scholarships.
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As an arts school, we were not allowed to die our hair or have any piercings beside ear piercings. While I can see certain piercings becoming a distraction, most other high schools don't have a problem with hair dye. It was quite confusing as to why a school who promoted self expression wouldn't allow hair dye or certain piercings.
The academics are available to everyone. If an individual is able to take all AP classes, then they can. If an individual needs to take some special educations classes, then those can be provided as well.
The extracurricular opportunities at this school, were wonderful. The theater, music, and art department all offered a variety of opportunities for the students. Performances were always held for the performing arts and as for the visual arts, their work was placed around campus and art shows were present. BCSAHS did a very good job of offering opportunities that helped the students become comfortable with their art and helped them show their talents.
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