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Just like with any school, the school itself is as much a part of your experience as your attitude. If you strive to succeed academically, teachers will help you. Most teachers care greatly about the well-being of students. The one thing I would change would be communication. Students and parents are often left out of the loop when it comes to events and when they occur.
What I liked about Arkadelphia High School is the new electronic program. They do help us get college ready and try to help us as much as they can. Sadly I didn't qualify for the Arkadelphia Promises. The administration is very poor due to the fact they like to feel higher then others and make other feel low. I actually had one person tell me that it was impossible for me to graduate in three years but I did.
It's a good school because it test your knowledge and wants you to succeed. The school is connected to Henderson so we are able to go over to the college and learn as well
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i’m a 2018 graduate from Arkadelphia High School & i love how the teachers teach & take their jobs serious so that other students can learn.
I think that Arkadelphia is a good school, and it has a better environment and more opportunities than other schools in the Southern Arkansas area. Of course, there are things that can be improved (food), but other than that, I think Arkadelphia High School is one of the best around.
No I would not like to see a change in this arkadelphia high school. What I like most about this high school is the teachers.
As a student at Arkadelphia High School, I would like to see more teaching for the students to understand. With AHS being a new tech school the aspect of teaching to understand is kinda not there.
I liked that I was able to be a four year member of the Dazzler Dance Team, and it's a great place for sports, clubs, and academics. Our teachers are mostly involved in our daily activities, and our school is really big on athletics! Arkadelphia High School is a great place to earn an education.
I love my school. I have been given numerous opportunities to serve in my community, network with local businesses and business owners, and better prepare myself for "the real world." My high school offers several AP courses and even more career-focused courses - which has been greatly beneficial.
Arkadelphia High School is a very excellent high school. The school helps you in anyway they possibly can, and has a very good staff along with clubs and sports!
My four-year experience at Arkadelphia High School was great. There are a lot of great teachers, and a lot of great activities for the students to get involved.
There aren't many opportunities here. A lot of the teachers aren't very good, either. However, it's sweet, and the good teachers are really great people.
Arkadelphia High School overall was a nice experience. The majority of my teachers really cared about their students and wanted to make sure that they understood the material that was being taught. The majority of the students are open minded and do not really form solid cliques so everyone tends to interact with everyone. The one thing that makes AHS stand out is its transition into a NewTech School. In the beginning the transition was rough because neither the students nor the teachers knew what to expect or how to properly transition from traditional learning to a more nontraditional way of learning. However, as the years pass by AHS is becoming more and more fluid in transitioning its incoming students who are used to a more traditional way of learning into a more non traditional way of learning that requires you to develop your own sense of agency.
I really enjoyed marching band and that is about it. There were a few teachers that truly impacted my life and demonstrated that they loved teaching. Most teachers didn't really like their job. Some classes were a joke. Overall, I got my diploma and continued education despite my rough experience at this High School.
They are all some what nice and helpful.
Bullying happens in school. I feel safe because I don't engage in any harmful or illegal activities with anybody.
There is a lot of clubs and extracurricular activities to be involved in. I am currently involved in choir, art, and book club.
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I have had a good experience at high school. My most favorite expirence is being able to be a part of the musicals that the choir puts on every year. I have a had a stressful senior year since I am taking college level classes but I am working hard so my grades will be great and not slip.
Most Teachers are excellent. Some Teachers have a tendency to lose the students work and then either mark a zero or make the student redo the assignment.
The amount of people, teachers, and organizations are the perfect amount. They are close knit but also varied.
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