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I've had a good year and a half here. It's a good alternative for public school. You must be disciplined to be in this school, it's a lot of work, and you have to be your own advocate a lot of the time. Advisors and teachers are very helpful here also.
With AZVA, you have the freedom to work around your life's schedule. You can get ahead if you like, or if you fall behind you have the time to catch up. Live classes are a very important resource.
This is year 2 with Azva and we love it! The teachers are awesome. The program is great! Its pretty simple to follow. My little girl is reading and loves math. The only thing is they like to change the format of program and that can get frustrating.
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This is my 12th year online schooling my kids. I started out with a competitor and was disappointed with the curriculum. K12 has the highest standards and is the best. I currently have 2 in a major university, and the professors are always asking what school they graduated from. They are impressed with the well rounded education they received from AZVA. OH, and did I mention the teachers and support they give are bar none?
I loved the teachers here because they did their best to help me succeed in all of my courses. However, I wish they would allow you to work ahead in the course work if you so desire to.
The K12 Online School keeps me on task and focused. I'm getting better grades now then I did at a brick and mortar school.
Arizona Virtual Academy is a very good school to attend if you are responsible and independent in pursuing your classes. Because it is an online school, you can move through courses at your leisure. However, if you are having struggles or need help, it can be difficult to receive it. Due to being an online school, social isolation from peers is another problem.
I attended and graduated from Arizona virtual academy high school. It was a great online high school the only problem for some out there is that there is no actual school building you go to. all schoolwork is done at home and you log in everyday to do it. sports, clubs & activities, school culture, food can be issues for this school because everything for this school is done while you're at home.
I love the curriculum that Arizona Virtual Academy provides.My children have really learned A Lot of new information.
My experience from attending Arizona Virtual Academy was the best. I really loved the flexibility of my courses and connection between my teachers. Reaching my teachers whenever I didn't understand a certain topic was super easy and they were all very helpful. I also loved the challenges each course gave me too.
I had a wonderful experience in my year and half attending AZVA. The teachers were incredibly helpful when I needed it. They were very involved, as they would email me offering me help if I was starting to fall behind. Overall a great school!
I enjoyed going to Arizona Virtual Academy. I excelled at making my own schedule and working independently. The teachers were always available and answered all my questions. I went to Arizona Virtual Academy for nine years and I would do it all over again.
Arizona Virtual Academy allows its students to explore their interests, get a good education, and have a flexible schedule. You can tailor your schedule to fit your needs, whether you work, play sports, etc. It provides students with the ability to spend as much time as they need on a lesson and doesn't rush through things like some regular public schools do. There are many also clubs that students can take part in, no matter what your interests are.
I loved the set up and the advisors, my advisor always kept in touch and encouraged me to keep going it was also great because they kelped with internet cost and getting me a laptop as well as a printer!
Perfect school. It teaches you well, and you get to learn many new things. It a little advanced than most local schools, so you get to learn faster. They have videos that will help you understand and the teachers are always there if you need help.
Really great school. With dedicated teachers and staff. If you are looking for a school that will keep you focused and organized this is the perfect virtual academy!
The academics were okay, but sometimes confusing.
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I wasn'teven aware if there were clubs. The events were few and far in between. They were also expensive to attend.
It was really difficult to socialize and find other like-minded students that understood what I was going through. They didn't encourage us to make friends and there was no platform to do so. It was an overall lonely and confusing experience for me. I have been an A student most of my life, but this school confused me so much and I wasn't able to understand the lessons the way I was able to at other schools.
The teachers were okay, but there was no student-teacher relationship. I don't even think any of them bothered to learn my name. They did okay given the circumstances, but I found that I was usually confused about the lessons.
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