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Arizona School for the Arts is a really nice school! The coursework, although tedious at times, does a good job of teaching students about time management, as well as preparing them for the work in college.
Arizona School for the Arts provides an environment for which kids and young adults may explore their artistic and academic abilities with care. Everyone who attends ASA will feel the workload can cause a halt on their social lives at times but will learn how much ASA actually helps and prepares them. Without ASA, the students may not find a place where they can truly find themselves while also feeling safe and accepted. There is no other community like ASA.
It is a great school for anyone involved in the arts. The school is very liberal and promotes left wing ideas on its students. Students that may not be very liberal can feel very uncomfortable to offer their opinions in fear of their ideas being shot down by the majority's opinion.
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Overall, Arizona School for the Arts is a great school. It combines rigorous academics with the performing arts to create a well-rounded education for students. What I loved most about it was the welcoming community, extremely supportive teachers, and challenging academics that provide skills needed for college. I would have loved more clubs, sports, and more of the events found at a typical public high school in addition to what is already there to open up more fun opportunities outside of academics as well.
I've been at ASA since 5th grade, and through all of the admin and teacher changes, they've successfully kept their mission in mind, which I appreciate: preparing students for college and teaching them to be creative thinkers and readers. I would love to see more willing communication between students and admin because I think the students have some good ideas that admin could implement. Honestly, your experience depends on if you click with the teacher. Overall good community vibe and an amazing academic and arts experience.
Great teachers! The school has a wonderful and very rigorous arts program. The academics are hard but you learn a lot. There are some some pretty fantastic clubs there but admin is quite rude (even to small children). Overall, it is a pretty great school.
Arizona School for the Arts is a great school if you're looking to involve yourself in the performing arts. The school lacks in visual arts and sports, but the student diversity and acceptance is amazing. Teachers are supportive, but the curriculum is definitely not the easiest, mostly due to the fact that it's a college preparatory school.
Well this is a performing arts or liberal arts school so you are going to be getting into a niche school. It is a place where one can learn and have fun but since it is a charter school it isn't easy work. It prepares you for college in the ways that it can but since it is a small artsy charter school, it is limited in class options. For those that want to meet and know of just about everyone in a school this is the perfect place to get to meet everyone. School does suck no matter where you go but if you like small communities and want to dedicate yourself to an art, this school might not end up so bad.
This is a really good school where they teach you a lot! and they make their best effort to make you succed on life.!
I would give Arizona School for the Arts an average score because it is an institution with many severe issues. I am now a senior and have been at ASA since 5th grade, and I have experienced consistent racism from students and faculty. Most students of color leave the school by freshman year because of the discrimination they face. The discrimination that students of color face can be seen through the harshness or apathy from the teachers that the white students do not experience. The administration promotes double standards and will punish students of color much more harshly than their white peers. On the contrary, the school does have an excellent music program and provides excellent academic courses. ASA could be a truly amazing institution if it was willing to confront its embedded discriminatory culture.
This school promotes radical leftist ideology. Children's lives were threatened and children threatened suicide after the 2016 election. Teachers allowed historical comparisons between Hitler and Trump in class and do NOT promote American patriotism. If you want to raise a brainwashed liberal or Antifa member this school is for you.
I feel more supported than I ever have at another school. The combination between challenging academics and arts is extremely unique, and combined with access to extra-curriculars, has made me a well-rounded and prepared citizen.
Overall, the school was a fun experience for me. It prides itself on its integration of high leveled academics and performing arts education. I would say a downside that I experienced was turnover from educators. However, I did not feel my education suffered, as a result, due to the talent and efficiency of incoming educators.
The school itself opened up a lot of opportunities for growth in terms of music and performance, particularly for me who came from a minimal background in this area. However, academically, I witnessed a lot of teacher turnover and academic course schedule shifting. This I feel stunted potential for really delving into certain topics. Overall, it was an experience I was grateful for, though.
I would like to see the development of upper-level science courses. The facilities are less supportive of labs and advanced experiments.
The inclusive and diverse community at Arizona School for the Arts allows to students to freely express themselves in an open environment. Each student at ASA acquires a drive to learn, which inspires others to grow intellectually and artistically. ASA has also allowed me and many other students to develop public speaking skills and become an effective communicator. Arizona School for the Arts is not only a well-rounded, academic institution, but a school that prepares students to overcome challenges that they may encounter in the future. At last, I admire that the majority of students at ASA are involved in their communities and are committed to making a difference in the world.
Teachers are generally good, food is unhealthy and inadequate, and the campus is not always clean, admin is a pain. Yet students are generally well-prepared for college due to good presentation and self-advocacy skills, as well as critical thinking and organization. Middle school teachers are generally good, however many high school teachers are young and still feeling their way into becoming a good teacher. The 9th Grade team is pretty great, but the 10th Grade teachers are not so great. 11th Grade is supposed to be a blast, and 12th Grade ehhh. Only the top level of arts classes are good, and students in other levels rarely care. Students are very liberal and not always accepting of other views. Some students and parents seem to get certain advantages because they give a lot of money to the school or are on the board. Probably best option unless you want to have no life (Basis) or your rich (Brophy/Xavier).
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ASA is pretty gr8!! I've had a lot of fun there and I actually look forward to going to school!! Most of the teachers find a way to make their classes interesting so that is pretty great. The dance program is awesome I would totally recommend 10/10! The theatre program in middle school is ok. School lunch is eh. ASA is a really diverse environment where people are encouraged to be themselves and nobody is judged for being different. That, I believe, is one of the things that makes asa so special compared to other schools. This school will give you an experience that you can't get at any other high school in Arizona. It's awesome
Concentrated experience on higher education and arts. Freedom to explore your area of interest while receiving guidance from your peers and your teachers.
Arizona School for the Arts (ASA) is a charter school that has grades 5-12. ASA is all about combining the performing arts with rigorous academics. ASA is a performing arts and college prep school that strives to prepare every student to thrive in college and in the real world. The teachers at ASA go out of their way to make sure each student has the help and resources they need to be most successful. ASA has a very unique school culture that is re-emphasized on the first day of each school year. While ASA only offers cross country in the sports category, they have an enormous array of classes in the Theater, Music, and Dance categories. The administration at ASA is very involved with the school and listens to suggestions from the ASA community on what needs to be improved. ASA has over 30 clubs and activities available during lunch and after school that range from National Honor Society to Quidditch. Overall ASA is a very inclusive school that produces high achieving students.
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