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I feel Arizona Middle School has a lot of improvement that needs to be done but has the high spirits of making it a better place for the children who attend the school. I have a family member who attends that school and I've noticed that the children aren't being provided with the up-most best in order to reach their full potential.
Overall, Arizona Middle School has created a another path in my life. I made more friends, concentrated more on my homework and assignments, and gradually became more active than before. What made the school more memorable were the field trips I had with my friends. I went to beach trips, two universities, a spaghetti factory and amusement parks with them, and as a result, they were worth cherishing for. I'll never forget them.
i donut liike it in general
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A bully is not tolerated in my school. It will be stopped quickly. I have only been sent to the nurses office once because of an aching ear.
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