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It provides challenges for me both in the classroom and on the field. It also provides me with the chance to interact with fellow Christians.
A good place if you want to stay on track and stay out of trouble. They have a very well skilled math teacher, who will go the extra mile. A lot of chances to participate in any extracurriculars. Lack of school spirit due to there only being under 200 students. Everyone is very close and knows each other well. There aren't too many options for classes, only the basics.
Love the small class sizes. Great sports oppertunities along with fine arts. Could use a second gym facility. Would like to see additional speciality courses offered.
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Arizona Lutheran Academy is features a diversified number of teachers and students, rigrourous academics, and Christian values that are extremely important in developing life skills in preparation for the future.
Arizona Lutheran Academy is a private school that wants to show what they are capable of. They have good intentions but are not always equally fair to all the students. Their academics are excelled and give us better opportunities than a normal high school might.
Arizona Lutheran Academy is an excellent school when it comes to education and preparing students for college. The schooling is well-rounded and offers unique additional information pertaining to life after graduation, such as financial planning, how the stock market works, and instructions on how to fill out taxes. Unfortunately, the religious aspect of the school, which is the inherent draw for most students, was the most disappointing, and not for lack of information. The major downfall is the way the classes are taught, focusing on history and correct answers rather than strengthening a relationship with God.
ALA is amazing small school. The teachers and staff know everyone personally. You are held accountable for your own decisions and classwork. There are several choices for athletics. Our sporrs programs are one of the best. Not only does the school develop you as a person but it sets you up to succeed in college.
A good place for young Christians to be guided in their education. The teachers are very knowledgeable and caring.
Strong in sports and academics. Great principal, great student teacher ratio. If you have a child who likes music, football, volleyball, wrestling, etc, is of faith, this is a great school. That is their community. Not strong in visual arts or other extra curricular activities.
I loved high school. The small size allowed me to be involved in a lot of activities. I have wonderful memories with friends.
All teachers are highly knowledgeable and offer qualify and offer the classes which keep the students motivate to learn. The faculty encourages the students to continue their education and look for a big future, keeping in healthy and save path during high school years
Athletics, ALA is member of the 2A Metro Region of the Arizona Interscholastic Associations. It also has a great Fine Arts program and clubs such as ambassadors, Mission Club, Hiking Club, Media Club , Booster Club and National Honor Society. Parents and teachers are committed with the school and support all after school activities. It is an amazing place where there is no differences that exclude you.
What makes this school unique is my son loves it. Arizona Lutheran Academy has let my son to dream in a big future. He has grown academically and spiritually during the last 4 years. He has received a high quality education and at the same time he has had the opportunity to improve his leadership skills, his sports and cultural aptitudes and he sees the future as an opportunity to make the world better.
I have made friendships for life. It is unique because it is not only a Christian school where we learn daily about God, but have also received an education that has prepared me for college. It really is like a big family.
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