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I really enjoyed the freedom of an online school. Insight offered flexible hours and compassionate staff. Classes are easy and good grades are not difficult to maintain.
The teachers are amazing and are always there to help. Even though its online I still get real person interactions and hands on activities.
Arizona Insight Academy is an excellent alternative to a public brick and mortar high school. Teachers at Insight make every effort to be available when students need help with their courses. Teachers are available in online class sessions, help labs, and can be contacted by phone or email.
Insight Academy operates on a quarter schedule in which students are enrolled in three classes at a time with condensed semesters. This allowed me, as a student, to better focus on and learn from my classes.
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Most of the teachers are not involved enough. Admin office sends blind notifications if the student is struggling. Without providing an obtainable goal, they want you to improve your grade. Watch out! They will drop your student at a moment's notice if the improvement doesn't happen within a week! Primavera is willing to assist in your child's education and help them achieve their goals.
Insights of Arizona gets the job done. They teach what is required, and do a decent job at it. Having almost no physical tools or books did make it very challanging at timwes.
Most of my teachers and counsellors were very involved and you could tell they genuinely cared about your education and not only your your life too. I went through a really rough year my senior year and my teachers we're always there ask how I was doing asking about my future and my counselor also recommended support groups. My over all experience was pretty good.
I have been with Insight since I started my freshman year in high school and have continued to be with them up to my senior year. The staff and teachers are amazing, they show all the support and try their hardest to help and reach out in anyway they can.
I started at Insight Academy of Arizona the beginning of my sophomore year because my public high schools where I live aren't the best. Doing school online was a major difference than public school, but with the help of the staff of the school helped me get through it. Online school is a piece of cake, I'm even graduating high school early, I would never have had this opportunity if I had stayed in public school. Thanks to Insight Academy Of Arizona I am accomplishing more than I have ever imagined.
I like this school because they take there time to help you work out things. They also reach out to you to see how your feeling and doing.
I don't really know what other schools would do that but I thinks this is really alsome form then to take there time and effort to watch over a students all year long .
I really appreciated how much the staff cared about my academic success. If I could change something I would shorten the amount of time I was required to spend on each course.
I absolutely love the teachers and the way they pay attention to every child's needs. I would definitely recommend this homeschool program.
Insight academy is a setting for students who are self motivated and wish for academic success outside of normal means. The teachers, while kind, teach to the lowest common denominator. Graduation rate is low and other students tend to lack motivation for any higher education. One thing that I would like to see change is their ability to help students with their future goals. I had multiple problems with classes and credits, some that would have ruined my GPA and my ability to go to the colleges I want. I had to strong arm a response out of any administration.
some teachers are easy to communicate with while with others it might be uncomfortable
Academic at this school are tailored to you education needs
a minummum amount of extracurriculars at this school
this school has credit recovery which helped me alot because I failed classes in freshman year of public highschool
Teachers at insight are eay to get a hold of. you can communicate with them by email, after classes and free time they have avalible so students can get help wiht schools work.
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