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Arizona Cultural Academy & College Prep Reviews

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Arizona Cultural Academy has an outstanding education system, and the community is beautiful. However, there is still room for some much needed improvement. The institution needs to pay more attention to the law and involve the authorities when the authorities are needed.
Great school with lots of potential and impressive improvements. I have been involved with the school for many years and I see the way it's changing to become better.
I had the worse experience at this school. The teachers have clear favoritism to certain students. Children of lower socio-economic status are treated poorly, teachers yell and scream and put down students. Teachers are uncertified. Principal has no experience and demonstrates poor leadership skills. School Board do not use the best judgment in decision making especially when it comes to the school's discipline policy. As a parent, I was very disappointed in how my children were treated in their classrooms.
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Preschool is good and first grade teacher, but she's leaving and other grades gow down from there, culture of bullying and unfair policies
I enjoyed the overall curriculum as it was very educational. They had especially great math classes. However, I wish there were more clubs and activities available to students.
Amazing school very diverse, great for friends and families. Teachers are always there to help to make sure students achieve their goals.
I've attended ACA since the fourth grade and I honestly can say that I wouldn't have wanted to attend a different school. It's a safe environment where fights or bullying aren't an issue. Everyone is super friendly and caring. It's also by far one of the most diverse schools due to having students and teachers from various different countries. Everyone not only accepts but celebrates each other's cultural backgrounds. The school prepared me well for college by allowing me to earn college credits for classes I'm taking in school.The only issue I'd say is that it needs to be more organized and the principle and teachers tend to be biased at times.
Our school has someone from outside give us a lecture on subjects such bullying, religious and problems going on in the world that could happen to us .
Every school isn't as perfect as the school says it, there will be always something different and my school is no different.
They are what you would for in a teacher and I am lucky to have them as my teachers.
I learned a lot about myself and others at this school whether it be through easy or difficult experiences. I also was able to stay academically focused and attain many college credits. The school is very small so it is easier to communicate with teachers and staff.
The teachers truly care about each student individually and want to see each and every one succeed. They are knowledgeable in the course of teaching; however, occasionally they will become lethargic with their lessons and teach the bare minimum.
The school has a variety of resources such as math tutoring, dual enrollment through community college, projectors, and a wonderful guidance counselor.
The school is very safe as each class/hallway/bathrooms have cameras that are monitored in the school office.
The school board members do not take into consideration the opinions of the students and the administration as they are the most important aspects of any school.
Religious clubs include: Quran Club, Arabic Club, Tablah (Drum) Club

Sport clubs include: Soccer, basketball.
Applicants must complete an online test to determine what level of education they are at. In order to receive financial assistance, one must qualify both financially and academically.
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I would choose this school again because its a very small school. All the kids know each other, and there is no fights. Everybody is friendly with each other. The school is diverse in race and culture, so there is a good amount of exposition. You are able to learn how to cope and deal with people from other cultures. Its very relaxing way to go through highschool, however due to the lack of activities the school will get boring and frustrating after a while.
The school is very open space. The hall ways are all open to the outside, The only time you are inside is in the classroom, bathroom, and gymnasium. The school is well kept and clean, the science lab is lacking in equipment. Everyclass room has a computer and tv in order to aid their teaching skills.Not much tutoring is given by teachers, its mostly done by higher grade students to lower.

Parents like to be involved, they ask to participate in any way they can, however the school doesnt have much acitivities that the parents can get involved in.
Most teachers like to help out if you dont know something. My english teacher is fantastic in doing so, she helps in everything a student might need. However there are teachers who dont have much enthusiasm for their subjects. Most teachers give lectures, rather than write on the board. They also like to open power points on the classroom tv. The most common those is communicating with the students.
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