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While enrolled at ACAA from sixth grade to my senior year of high school, I experienced many different performing arts and got to see wonderful performances. While the arts departments were captivating, the academics could have used some work in some areas.
Oh man, this school literally shaped me to be the person I am today. I started in October as a freshman. Elementary school and my other High School made me feel out of place due to my love for musical instruments and their love for sports. ACAA, made me feel like I was home. From my first day there to my last, I was home. I miss it dearly and wish I could go back and relive my whole high school experience.
Acaa is a great school with so many unique people. More importantly acaa is like a family. I have been at this school going on four years and I have no intentions of leaving anytime soon. With all of the Arts, including guitar, piano band/orchestra, voice, dance, and visual arts, you have so many options. But there are also great academics and electives like business, and Spanish. At a school like this it's hard to get bored.
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Arizona Conservatory for the Arts and Academics is a college preparatory high school. This high school mainly focuses on the arts such as, dance, music, and art. This high school doe snot have sports, but has a very great arts program.
I spent 7 years at ACAA and I loved the environment because it allowed me to openly be creative and to be myself. There were many great teachers who lead me down a strong path that was apart of who I am today. I would love to see them add to their arts program and grow bigger in the future. I would love to see the administration become more connected and involved with what occurs in the classrooms.
The school is overall very good in terms of the Arts. Students are very talented and most of them acquire skills early. Faculty is helpful and often friendly. Campus is very tiny and, since it is a charter school, all grades share the hallways and even some classes. Could be better if a larger location was used to integrate a separate High School program. Staff could definitely be more prepared towards exchange students, who are more or less treated like they are invisible and can't think for themselves.
My experience here has been nothing but positive! Starting at a new school is always hard but ACAA staff and students made it an easy transition. The teachers really care and offer tutoring on Fridays. Im really happy i found a school that focuses on academics and arts. It's nice having the option, even with no experience, to try different arts classes every year.
Overall it was really good. There was some issue with teachers changing a lot so that was frustrating, but I also understand it is a small charter school with limited funding. When I graduated, it had a strong artistic director and all the performances were treated as professionally as a high school could treat its performances.
I like how they offer a variety of arts to choose from. It helps students be more individual and discover their passion. It is a small school, so making friends is easy.
I loved my years at ACAA. Arizona Conservatory for Arts & Academics has allowed me to express myself more than any other community high school. The teachers were hands on, and free tutoring was available to all students on Fridays. I never knew that I would enjoy subjects such as Science and English as much as I did. The learning tools that the school offered allowed me to finish my course requirements ahead of schedule. Which allowed me to graduate early and begin college courses. Lastly, the school has great events and numerous clubs to join.
There are many clubs open for people of different interests. Sometimes these clubs don't have as many members due to the size of the school but that doesn't make the clubs any less fun.
Unlike most schools ACAA has a variety of arts performances through out the year that get students involved as well as their parents.
Teachers at the school have been willing to help outside of class hours to start clubs, assist in assignments, and to help students learn about applying for colleges and scholarships. Teachers not only allow for learning in the subject they teach but also life lessons.
The school does not have any sports. It is mostly an art school. The technology is really lacking. Mostly because the funds are not available.
The arts classes are top notch, but the actual academics can be a little more challenging
It is very diverse in my school! Everyone lives the way they want to and there is very little bullying
The arts teachers really focus on teaching you what you need to know in order to be successful in that area of study.
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I mean, there are always those teachers who slack off. But we do have pretty great teachers. Being in a small school allows students and teachers to get to know each other and to have great relationships. Each teacher has their own style, but as far as I am aware, if a student needs a different approach they are willing to do that. The teachers also know what they're teaching. It also helps that there isn't mandatory school on Fridays. It allows students to get that one on one time they need.
I don't really notice things like that about this school. I guess it's good if you don't have to worry about security!
Some extra curricular events are amazing, like the spring musical. Every year, ACAA brings wonder to the stage with each extra curricular musical they do! However, the school dances are usually not as exciting.
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