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The teachers here are great! They always make time for me when I'm having trouble with understanding a subject or assignment, and I can work on my own schedule. Not to mention they help you pay for the internet every semester. Great curriculum and overall great educational atmosphere.
It was a very good school that allowed me to have the freedom of doing thing such as skipping grades. However, I would like to see some integration with other resources such as khan academy.
This is the best school I have ever been, they allow me to work at my own pace and I can do as much work as I want, I can move ahead grades and possibly graduate early if I get all my credits. This is the most amazing school I have ever been to.
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It's is such a great Academy. Great program, they are also very helpful. I highly recommended. I went there once and I was treated very nicely. I liked the way they welcomed me in with my sister. They first asked if we needed any water because we all know how hot it is in Arizona.
I have really enjoyed attending Arizona Connections Academy. The courses are challenging, the teachers are available, and the schedule is flexible. The resources available to me are clear and unlimited. My counselor has helped me an endless number of times with various college application/readiness questions. The choice to take my education online was one of my best!
I loved that ACA allowed me to complete my course work at my own pace. I was always able to work ahead and teachers were always understanding when I was falling behind. The instructors were very helpful and readily available for any questions I had. Text books and class materials were sent to my door before each school year, free of charge. This online school is incredible. The only thing I wished they had were more options when it came to class electives. However, after I graduated, I saw that they now offer more classes than ever!
Arizona Connections Academy is a very nice online school. The teachers are always available to answer any questions you have. They have a wide variety of classes, including honors, AP, and foundation classes. Students and teachers are respectful.
I liked everything about my high school experience there. There are a huge selection of courses to take ranging from basic level to AP. The lessons were very easy to follow with books provided in two formats, both online and physical, and very informational. The teachers know what they're teaching and are there for you when you need help. I felt like I was learning more than what I did at a traditional high school. There are fun field trips to go on. I just wish there were more events.
I have been going to ACA for 8 years. It gives me a flexible schedule, which is good, because I play tennis on Fridays. Instead of doing school on Friday I just do it on Sunday. The teachers are really nice and helpful, and you don't get distracted from a noisy classroom.
I have been going to Arizona Connections Academy (ACA) since I was in fourth grade. I am in my second part of my Juinor year in Highschool. I have to say that this is the best school. I might be a little bias due to the fact that I have been going to ACA for my whole academic career. Most of the classes have a tougher curriculum versus other schools. What I like about this school is that you can start at 8 in the morning and be done by one. Overall, every teacher I have had are amazing. They really like to get to know you personally. I have known one teacher since middle school and she is a family friend now. For the clubs, I do have to say they could improve them. I would suggest finding local clubs to take part in instead. The most important thing I like is they offer honor and AP courses. I really enjoy this as I am a straight A student and take all Honors and AP classes.
This online school is the best I have enrolled into so far. It not only gives you the necessary tools but also helps you fully understand the work being provided to the student.
The school is great. The teachers really want to help you succeed and work with you. I wouldn't change anything.
My overall experience has been good. The fact that it is online offers flexibility.
While Connections Academy is an online school, the teachers are still easy to reach. Online live lessons are useful.
I enjoyed this high school because gave me the flexibility I needed.
The workload is relatively normal for any student. You can get through assignments and work when ever you want. You can get as far ahead as you want, too!
There are so many extracurricular activities, that everyone could join any club they want without limits. My personal favorite is Art club which has at least 50 members.
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The fact that this school is online makes the school unique and very flexible. I can ask for help any time of the day and I can work on the assignments at any time.
The teachers at my school are the best. They communicate with their students whenever possible and like to see them succeed. My teachers will help me succeed so I will finish school confident.
They had not really gone over real life scheduling and things like that, sooo....