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Arizona College Prep Erie Campus Reviews

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I am a student that goes to Arizona College Prep. I enjoy the school and have spent all of my high school years at that school and thought they were great. It is a smaller high school so it is likely that you will be able to get to know all of the people there and become friends. Throughout the years I saw that there were a few changes that occurred and I think they have all positively impacted the school. Because of the changes, personally, I don’t think anything else should be changed. I love the school the way it is and I know that it will stay successful if kept the way it is.
Arizona College Prep Erie Campus may be a small school, but it does not fail to create a community of hard-working students and supportive teachers. This school prepares students for life after high school through rigorous coursework that challenges individuals to manage their time wisely.
It is a very friendly campus and it has a family feel to it. However, there is a bad bullying problem that just doesn’t seem to get solved. They also make things difficult for students to achieve what they want. It ranges from switching classes to enrolling in programs at other schools. There also aren’t very many opportunities for students to do diverse things, all of the clubs are pretty similar and the school is ruled by those who are friends with security guards, or anyone in the front office.
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I have enjoyed being a student at ACP-Erie. I am currently a senior and after 6 years at the same institution, I am eager to move on with my life. I believe that school has prepared me for college by providing challenging course, caring teacher and opportunities in sports and extracurricular.
Arizona College Prep held student to a really high standard not only on academics but behaviors too!
I love ACP! The staff is so wonderful and there are countless opporunities for every type of person.
Arizona College Prep may be a small high school, however they are a great option for those who want to be prepared for college. The things that I like about the school is the diversity that resonates throughout the campus. The small population helps in building the way that the students establish a family type environment. The counselors are engaged in their duties and are on task in helping their students succeed in the real world. On an academic level the teachers know what they are teaching and teach it with enthusiasm so that by the end of the day the students have learned a sufficient amount of information that they will be able to retain. Being that the school is a college prep school, it is only to the students benefit that the most if not all of the core classes are honors or AP classes, no on level classes. What I would like to see changed is the expansion of classes that the students can take instead of mainly the core classes.
It's a tiny school, so the close-knit community is like a family. The academics are really stressful and push students too hard, but it's good for college readiness.
Arizona College Prep is a great high school because it helps you get ready for college. By the time you get to college it won't be as challenging. You are always challenged and it keeps you going. Students always have a chance to get some help such as tutoring from a teacher or a student. The classes are small so teachers will have time fore each one of their students.
Arizona College Prep Erie campus is an extremely diverse school that offers many academic and sports related programs. Overall, I would advise fellow students to attend this prestigious and distinguished school as it provides a greater future.
My experience at ACP Erie has been so helpful in my pursuit of a college education and personal success. Faculty truly cared about who I was and what my goals were and did everything they could to help me get there.
Arizona College Prep is a small slice of Chandler's school district built around the education of honors students. Most of its courses are honors or AP level, with only a few core classes (like core Physics). I personally love the small school vibe, and I love the fact that most of my teachers strive to see their students succeed. I have bonded with teachers as closely as I have with my peers because many of them display a sense of mutual respect. The councilors at ACP are also fantastic. They are involved and constantly in contact with their students, and their availability is pretty open throughout the year. If you desire an education that will prepare you well for college and beyond, Arizona College Preparatory - Erie is the place to be.
Arizona College Prep is an amazing school. The size is small and personal which is great to get to know your teachers on a more personal level. We get to do school wide activities that other schools cant because of the small size. However, the school still offers many clubs and most sports. It is easy to get into Varsity sport programs, multiple clubs, fun elective classes, and so much more. Our school earns lots of scholarships each year because of how well-rounded we are and the rigorous courses.
My experience in Arizona College Preparatory was great. When I first came there, I was very amazed by the diversity of the students and a welcoming atmosphere in general. Being an immigrant, it was very important to me that I get accepted as a fellow American by my friends. And indeed, my wishes were fulfilled in Arizona College Preparatory where the students are open-minded and ready to explore new frontiers while the instructors and stuff are humbly serving the role of reliable mentors in shaping the future of this country.
I liked that Arizona College Prep- Erie was an all honors school, that focused on academics with teachers that care about their students. I also liked that the classes were small and the teachers could be able to give you one on one attention. This helps students to get good grades for college because the teachers want you to go to college. this type of school helps prepare students for college, by being all honors, students are advance and ready for college work. Students that have graduated from this school say that it has helped them get ready for college as college is so much easier from going to this school. Students are able to get a good education and be well- educated for college as this is the priority of the teachers.
The atmosphere is amazing and accepting. I love everything about ACP! The teachers want to see their students succeed and help in any way possible. The sports teams have great school spirit and I've loved being apart of the school culture. ACP also prepares you for college and life ahead.
I absolutely love the campus, and it has incontestably aided in my love for my high school career in its' entirety. I feel so "at home", and the small environment really brings one another together as a family, and as a welcoming student body. I would like to see more school spirit, however; as a member of Student Government, I wish to see more participation in school activities and school spirit.
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I absolutely love how family like this school is. I wouldn't be the same if I attended another school!
My favorite part about ACP Erie is the small environment. Due the small size of the school, students have heightened opportunities to connect with one another and with their teachers. Additionally, because of the size, almost anyone can try out for several sports that they never would be able to play at another school.
I graduated from this school in 2013. Although I did not attend college right after graduation, I still feel like it prepared me beyond what any other school could have. What they can work on is the way some of the teachers communicate with the students. I had a few teachers who made it clear that they were dissapointed that I chose to enlist in the military instead of going straight to college. However, the administration staff was amazing and I could go them with any problem I had, whether it was school related or personal.
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