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Arizona College Prep Academy (ACPA) Reviews

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ACPA is an amazing school where you can be yourself and not be afraid. Classes are small and that allows for more one on one teaching, this helps students create a safe environment. A safe environment allows the student be able to express their ideas and ask questions with no fear of being shut down.
ACPA for me was a school that allowed me to really think about where i wanted to be in life. The staff here is very supportive and easy to connect with which allows for individuality with them. Not only can you connect with them but they also support you and help guide you on your journey.
I have the pleasure of interacting with several ACPA students as they have moved on to college and careers. One of the things that is very gratifying is that these students reflect back on their time at ACPA as a time where they learned to "think" about thinking, where they learned how to reflect on their thinking and actions, where they learned how to advocate for themselves and where they learned the value of participating in a greater community. One doesn't see these outcomes on a standardized test ; however, they are the the intrinsic values and practices that make for well balanced, productive members of society. Thanks to the staff - who work so effectively with the young people attending ACPA.
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I am an ACPA alumni. I have never met a more dedicated group of teachers and staff who are always willing to go above and beyond for each individual student. During my time at ACPA I was introduced to a way of learning that allowed me to truly connect the information I was receiving with my own interests, talents, and abilities. The teachers challenged me in ways I hadn't experienced at previous schools and their encouragement and guidance taught me how to approach the world with confidence and curiosity. The best part about ACPA is the sense of community it instills in you. We were encouraged to know everyone in our school, not just our class, and to have conversations that would foster appreciation for each individual and their experiences. I would and do recommend this school to everyone, as it made a rebellious, know-it-all like me say, "This is what it's about."
I was immediately welcomed in as a new Griffin. Quite unexpected for my experience, but it is a positive thing that you don't expect. In terms of academics, the teachers plan activities that are more in the field of "hands-on" and collaborative. The overall environment of the school is calming and refreshing; you get to know most, if not all of your fellow peers during lunch and passing periods. It's presented as a rather friendly and open environment, along with the large diversity of students that attend ACPA. When it comes to things I'd personally like to see change, one of those things would be an increase in the class difficulty. I personally believe that we could be challenged a little bit more than we are already, since we are a college prep school. As a whole, I would recommend Arizona College Prep Academy to anyone who prefers a small environment and is looking to go to college in the future.
Arizona College Prep Academy is full of great opportunities. Students in this school are always pushed beyond their limitations. Everyday, students are encouraged to be their best self.
The school community is very welcoming. Since the school is really small, you get the personalized attention you need. They give you a lot of resources for future colleges you want to apply for, and if you're not interested in going to college, they will help you choose a career path.
Arizona College Prep Academy is a challenging, nurturing, enriching environment for students to explore, grow and learn. The experiences go far beyond the classroom walls. I strongly recommend this school. One of the best kept secrets in Tucson.
Great for those who like a support system. At this school you will a close community of people that will help you in achieveing the goals you have for yourself.
This is my freshmen year and even though i have only been at this school for a couple of mouth you can see the improvement i made since i walked though the doors because of all of the amazing students and amazing teachers.
I moved to ACPA my sophomore year from a big public school. My experiences at ACPA have helped me learn more about myself and they way I engage with my peers, my thinking, and my work. At my old high school I felt like a machine that was programmed with information and tasked to spit out answers. The complete opposite happens here. The teachers know we are thinking human begins who need to engage with the work to fully understand why it works.
The students are friendly and everyone knows who everyone. Because of this a supportive community where everyone wants each other to succeed is created.
All of the student body is very diverse, friendly and social, they make my time here very pleasant. The teacher are good at their jobs are very good art helping me when I'm struggling with a topic. They're explanation of the topics they teach are easy and understandable. This school is very good for students who are struggling with classes, there's a lot of help for them.
I am a senior at this school and I really enjoy being a part of the diversity and the people at my school.The students make you feel welcomed and the students are really nice.
This school makes a lot of people understand some important things about themselves and has lead many of their students to pursue what they wish for their lives.
Despite being a small school, they have an interesting teaching system that keeps the students on track.
As a parent of 2 graduated Griffins I think I have a real good idea of how it works and I can say I am not disappointed that I chose to send both of my kids here. They are not a high school and if you are looking for a high school for your child please feel free to enroll them in any of the public school districts offered in town. If your goal is to get your child(ren) ready to go to a university or college then this is the exact place for them! It takes 4 years to prepare your student and it begins day one. You also will need to let go and trust the staff and administration. They have over 18 successful years of educating many many students and yes it is more hands on approach. Most classes earn in excess of 1 million in scholarship awards to colleges across the entire country! Amazing experience and well worth the real education my kids got from ACPA
not to bad, but can be better. why well teachers can always improve on helping students. more extra help outside the classes for students. besides that its alright.
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I am a teacher at and former alumna of ACPA. This is an incredibly special place, and I genuinely believe that without the relationships I have built and the experiences I have accrued here, I would not have achieved the level of success I have. Those who receive an ACPA education learn much more than the average student. They learn how to determine the statistical likelihood of a particular event occurring in their math class, and they learn about the probability of earning a higher income with increasing levels of education during Lyceum and Symposium. They learn how to analyze rhetorical strategy within literature in their English class, and they learn how to question and critically analyze the world around them through methods of inquiry. They learn of the leaders and systems that have effected significant change throughout history, and they learn how to positively impact their own environments, current and future, as leaders who understand how to effectively navigate systems.
Small high school, great students, superb teachers and superior administration. They know what running a school is about.
I have family members and children of friends who have attended and are currently attending this school. ACPA provides a learning environment that encourages student achievement and teaches students to think deeply, to find and use their voices and to engage actively in learning and in their community. ACPA encourages students to get involved in school life, participate in clubs and activities and expand their circle of friends and experiences. Activities like Exploration Week allow kids to develop into leaders both in and out of school. The students I know come back from these experiences with new perspectives and encouraged to move forward in their education. If you are looking for a small school focused on an interdisciplinary approach to education, you should check out ACPA.