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At Arizona Agribusiness & Equine Center(AAEC-EM), I am able to earn college credits towards my associate's degree and this is a great advantage at the school because it allows myself to get ahead of the other students and receiving my associate degree faster. When I was scheduling for my class, my principal allowed me to choose the time I desired to start and end so it can work with my college schedule as well. The staffs and teacher are attentive to my needs and motivate me to earn high grades. Overall the school is a great place to receive an education and make friends where you are all close to one another.
AAEC is, overall, a good school. The fact that they give you free college credits is amazing, and has helped me in pursuing my college goals. The teachers can be less than satisfactory at times, however, with some of them being very forgetful or unprepared. Teachers tend to leave often as well. Despite this, the education that I've received has been worth my time here, and it's a school I'd recommend to anyone who hates big public schools.
It is great because students get college credit while attending highschool. Although this does not have the stereotypical high school experience. the administration staff is changing so often that there isn't any time for them to get to know the students
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This is a great opportunity to get advanced education and earn college credits while still in high school. There is some amazing staff and the school will work with you if you approach them about an issue. However, you aren't informed that in order to graduate with an AA you will have to take college courses during the summer on your own. I also wish that you could have specialized the degree program to better suit your own needs, unless you are going in the veterinary program there isn't much extra guidance. There was also a large rotation of a lot of teachers which was unsettling for us students. There is a lot great things about this school, but it isn't perfect. The long term benefits are definitely worth it.
I love the school due to their ability to give you a head start in you education. The teachers there are mostly qualified and rotate out fairly often. The principal and vice principal are both good at their jobs. The majority of the teachers there know their subject very well. The campus is an open campus and the school hours are very versatile. There is a huge lack of clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities.
This school is a very good way to help get kids on there feet and off to college. It is an amazing program that gets kids to go to high school for part of the day then college for the later part. By the end of you four year high school experience, if you plan it out right, you can graduate with an associates degree.
This is a great school for students that are ahead and want to succeed in college! There are no sports but there are many other clubs and activities. You finish high school with an associates degree.
I really enjoy that i can earn college credits for free while in high school. However, the on campus classes could use some improvement.
I love the fact that I am a dual enrollment student, meaning I take both highschool and college courses at the same time. I am lucky because I graduate with an Associate degree at the same time I get my highschool diploma.
The past four years that I have spent here have been enjoyable and memorable. Despite it being a small school there is lots to experience here. The school hasn't been around for that long and that explains the lack of clubs and activities that we have. The best part of our school is that we are able to attend the neighboring college for free.
This school has amazing programs including veterinary and agriculture classes. The school is very small only around 500 students and overall I have enjoyed attending. There are some teachers that can be rude and disrespectful though, but overall if you can handle some people who can be unpleasant I would highly recommend attending based on the fact education is high and college classes are offered at a local community college for free.
I love how the school prepares you for college and allows you to have a chance of graduating with an associates degree. It also gives you an experience that not many others high schools will. There are no sports at this school, but the academic learning is amazing.
I was enrolled in a four year public high school before being enrolled into Arizona Agribusiness and Equine center. The high school prepares you for real world experiences and not only that they give you a head start in college. Best thing i did in my life.
My overall experience at this high school has been incredible with the academic involvement and college preparedness that this school readys students for. Unfrotuently because of the high focus on taking college courses at the nearby community college, there are no sports whatsoever. The instructors are all committed and go above and beyond when it comes to helping students understand the subject.
The school is very rigorous and helps students create a path for themselves for their future. It is a great school for students who would like to get a head start on college.
AAEC is a great school for college readiness. Having the ability to take high school classes and college classes at the same time is very advantageous. The teachers at AAEC know their subjects well, and are easy to get along with. If I had to change anything about this school I would make sure they are better at planning school events. Other than that, this school is pretty good for students who want to get ahead in life.
I like that we have the opportunity to get a head start on our college credits, but I don’t like the fact that we don’t have any sports or very many extra curriculars.
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I started attending AAEC-EM my sophomore year of high school. One thing that I loved about AAEC-EM was the college experience. As long as you pass your classes with at least a C or better, the school will pay for you to attend Estrella Mountain Community College during the school year. The college is within 5 minutes walking distance. I earned many college credits and gained a much better preparation for college than I would have if I had continued at my old high school, with the only college credit opportunities being AP classes. At the college, you are viewed as a college student. There are many amazing professors at Estrella. It is very possible to graduate with one or more Associate's Degrees.
AAEC-EM lacks official sports, music, and art programs. However, there are some clubs for these topics, and FFA and NHS are very popular. Also, I found out during my last semester of senior year that AAEC students who are enrolled at Estrella Mountain can try out for the college teams.
Did you ever want to go to school and skip all of the art and film classes that seem like a pointless waste of time ? Look no further than AAEC. This school gives the best of both worlds by delivering you the classes required to get your diploma while filling in that remaining time with actual college classes at a community college. It's quite feasible to obtain a 2 year associates degree while in high school which puts you far in front of your peers. Oh yeah and all the college is free, another bonus.
I went to AAEC-EM for freshman through senior year, and I am currently a senior. During my previous school years, I wanted to change schools because I felt like I did not get enough opportunities to figure out what career I want or what my interests are. As I am registering for colleges, I see the benefit to going here, which is free college. I will be able to graduate high school with my associates degree from Estrella Mountain Community College, which will save me a lot of money and time to get my bachelor's degree at a four year university.
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