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After spending 6 years at Ariton School, I am proud to say that I graduated from that school. It is a very strong knit community, and no matter what the situation, everyone is there for each other as if they were family.
My School is one of the best schools there is in the wiregrass. My School students and teachers are amazing and the past principle got best principle out of the whole state of Alabama
The school really cares about its students education
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The teachers work with the students to find the best educational path for them.
The school does not have a need for a strong security policy due to the lack of crime in the area.
There is a variety of activities for student to participate in, however, most of them are not that involved.
I love how friendly everyone is.
Most of the teachers are extremely engaging and make the lessons fun.
The dress code is enforced for boys, but lax for girls.
The teachers are thoughtful and thorough in their subject area.
There are a lot of clubs, but not much diversity.
Our football team has a pretty bad record.
I have always felt very safe at my school.
The staff in the lunchroom are very friendly and the food they serve is served in great manner.
My school experience has been awesome because I am an Ariton purple cat.
We have great policies with things such as attendance and dress code. The rules to these policies are not so strict we cannot function but I think the perfect balance.
I honestly do not think that there could be better teachers somewhere else. Ariton has the absolute best!
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The students have many options if they would like to participate in any extracurricular activity. We have many clubs such as the Team 3 Christian Club, Diamond Dears, and FFA.
Many of the students like to be involved to actually play the sport, help out, or just come to support the team.
There are very few tutoring options. School facilities aren't that bad and technology is bad.
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