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Teachers show a lot of enthusiasm to teach it’s students. Their objective is to make the community of color more empowered by teaching our future generations. Something they’d have to change though is their proffessional relationships and the relationship with the students. Sometimes we cross that professional or academic line and we arent supposed to.
So far i have had good experiences with ARISE high school. The teachers here are really helpful and encourage you to do your best in order to graduate high school and entering a college.
Great teachers who understand our struggle with hopes of us doing something important for ourselves rather than staying in the struggle.
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My experience with Arise High school is great. I am going into my senior year and I have been loving the knowledge I have been given. I love that the school is a place where I can connect with others through background history. I like how each teacher can connect as well in their own ways. Through their personality, their likings, or family origins. Some changes I would make is putting in more athletic activities or classes.
Arise high school has been my school for all of my four high school years. It has been my community. I can say I have gotten close to most teachers and I can rely on them for support. I am very sad to be leaving Arise high school to start college. I am going to miss everyone dearly but will be back to visit! Everyone here is great
Arise has been a really supportive school. I really enjoyed how the teachers were really open towards the students and having close connection with each other. The reason why the teachers and students have a close connection is because the school is small. Since the school is small everyone seems to know each other. Something I would change is the amount of programs that the school gives. The school does not have enough programs and the only sport is soccer.
I like that Arise High School is a pretty small school, so I get more one on one time with the teachers and staff.
There is only a few clubs at this school; but one that really caught my attention was the gay straight alliance. I thought this club was accomodating to lgbtq folks specially since everything that is going on outside of school might make them scared to confess their secuality. I thought it was a great idea for lgbtq people to be comfortable and not hide at my school so they too can have a good high school experience.
Twice a year my school does community service for to benefit our community with no benefit for the school or students whatsoever. We do anything from picking up garbage, feeding the homeless, helping our local homeless shelters and even helping beutify our community. My school tends to look after and go back to help our community in every way possible.
The workload at this school tends to speed up once the semester or quarter is going to end. It becomes a stressful part of the year, but we have no choice but to do it and tends to prepare us for college. This is good in a way because once we get into college we can already have a taste of what being stressed is and how to manage our time and it. The teachers understand what the college workload is so try to work us to it from freshman to senior year.
Their is not much diversity in this school. Mostly all students are hispanic, yet like in every other school acceptance happens all the time. Even though everyone in this school is very similar economically and culturally we often form little groups with only our friends in it which tends to leave out people alone at times. Those people just want to fit in making them do things that they normally would not do just because they want to fit in and become part of a group.
The teachers are friendly and approachable at my school, they try their best to prepare us for the "real world" but dont quite have very good control over the class therefore their messages arent clearly heard. My school does not have much technology either so we dont get to use technology as much as other schools do, which in a way it is a disadvantage.
School all around has been great. Needs to add some AP courses for students who can exceed at there best potential. Our school doesn't provided any type of AP class other than some college credit.
Teacher at my school are useful! Any question needed to be answered is answered! Teachers take there time to help each student individually if the help is needed from the student. Great experience!
I never felt like I belong, but I love my relationships with teachers
This school is unique because of it's support teachers and staff offer towards every student attending there. They push every single one of us there to graduate and continue on to college.
I loved my High School experience, if I could I woud do it all over again just to experience it
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The workload is higher than other schools but it is used to prepare us for the workload that college can drown us in.
All teachers take time to get to know their students on a personal level to create a community type space where any student can feel safe and ask anyone for help.
Since the school is small, practically everyone knows each other. Students get along amongst themselves and the staff as well.
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