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Argyle Middle School Reviews

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My years at Argyle Middle School were extraordinarily fun and successful. The school lifestyle is very welcoming and eventful, and the teachers are very smart and supportive individuals. The school was run very well by the administrators, and clubs and activities were not only heavily encouraged, but very well run.
The leadership is poor. The principal makes decisions without taking input from staff. Because of his lack of experience and inability to consult with others, poor decisions are made which lead to a lot of dysfunction and lack of clarity in processes. The principal is also unknowledgeable about the processes of departments but continues to make decisions for them, making staff resentful and feeling unheard and under respected. There are also many school driven initiatives that make the staff feel overworked and resentful when more time can be spent on class planning and building relationships with students. The principal seems under qualified as a leader and does not take step towards connecting with the staff personally or considering input or ideas about more seasoned staff members.
this school is trash but teacher like miss lenox are cool...............................................................................................
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I had a great time at Argyle. The info and technology were constantly innovating and teachers were finding new and inclusive ways to involve students on their education. It really is a great place to be. The only downside the type of environment made it hard for me personally to find my voice and explore my individuality. At times the vibe was kind of just "be yourself as long as 'yourself' is the same as everyone else". That being said, I can't help but feel grateful for my experience there. I was promoted (to HS) in July of 2016 and am now a freshman in HS. Best of luck in your journies!
The school nurse does not care at all; she's rarely there honestly
I wouldn't choose the school for my life if the magnet program wasn't there. The kids in general are just terrible and don't care about learning. They care more about texting, Instagram, and Snapchat. The hallways are messy sometimes and the bathrooms are a constant mess. The worst experience was Promotion. We were just called into the gym by class, not in alphabetical order. They didn't even call us up on to stage to receive our certificates; we could get them from a folder in the back of the gym after promotion was over. It was literally done in less than an hour. TERRIBLE
Most of the teachers are fun and engaging. Some of them have unique personalities that make having class with them exciting. There are a few teachers that are lacking, as they come from a lower grade-school background and are in their first year teaching on a secondary level. The teachers care and respect your viewpoints as well as your concerns.
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