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Argyle Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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no worries, we live in the sticks
not a lot of variety, and no choices
I think they should be more strict
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Most teachers are good at our school
I was very active in high school.
I loved high school, I challenged my self.
The teachers can be impossible at times, but most of them are truly good people and good at their jobs. Only a few make school miserable.
The dress code has gotten pretty loose, and it depends on how you look, not what you wear, that gets you in trouble. The principal is usually fair but favorites are always played, and if you are a "good kid" you can get away with a lot.
This school does the best it can with the very limited resources it has. When push comes to shove, the teachers care about you, classes are what you make of them, and you will survive if you choose to. It's a small town school and it tries it's best, even if that's not anywhere close to perfect.
There is only one hot option a day, and by hot I mean lukewarm. There is no salad bar and most of the lunches are nasty. Many students bring a lunch.
Not much variation, however, you probably will go unnoticed unless you play sports.
technology could be improved, tutoring is easily accessible when it is asked for.
Great teams, great supporters. Go Scots!
Could use more choices, teachers are great for the most part; however they play favorites
Bullying is punished, however only if seen by the right teacher. Teachers play favorites and if you do not belong to that group, you are seen as a lesser human being.
Argyle has classes for everyone and the teachers that teach them always seem to be well informed and able to teach students what they want to learn.
Many graduates go into the military after they have tried to go to the local community college and dropout. Many also do get out to schools all over the country and enjoy their lives. I took college classes while in high school so that helped prepare me, and they do have classes that give college credit which is convenient.
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For a small school it has quite a bit of spirit, the community is always proud of the teams.
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