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I rather enjoyed my time at Argyle, but it could have definitely improved. They are few AP classes to take; if more had been offered, I would have taken them and been more prepared for college. Sports are also very big at this school, while the arts and academics generally come in second place. It is also not diverse at all; Argyle is a village in rural Wisconsin and primarily consists of white farm folk. The school reflects that.
Our school is pretty average, but I have had a pretty great year so far. The teachers are friendly and the classes are informative. The students seem eager to acquire knowledge and succeed. I like the school and I hope my senior year is going to be the best year yet.
It's a smaller school, so I suppose it lacks a few things bigger schools have, like more sports teams and fewer kids in band and choir, but this school has really nice teachers. They care about your academic progress and answer any questions you may have. It's a one on one sort of atmosphere. It has smaller class sizes and I feel comfortable there.
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The teachers have a really hard time enforcing rules, especially when it comes to cell phones and talking when the teacher is talking.
Many students are in sports at this school. The teams usually do really well, but this year, they have actually been struggling. Not as many fans have shown up this year.
The teachers are okay. They all seem to be knowledgeable about the subjects they teach and teach pretty efficiently. Only brand new teachers out of college seem to have a difficult time here.
There aren't a whole lot of clubs at Argyle. Basically, there's Spanish Club, FFA, Art Club, and Drama Club. Otherwise, there are sports, including softball, baseball, golf, track, cross country, basketball, and volleyball.
I have many different teachers than I had when I first entered high school as a freshman. A lot of the teachers are young. Luckily, due to the size of the school, they tend to be good with helping any student who needs it.
Due to the school being so small, there isn't much variety, but we tend to enjoy being a part of the ones that there are.
Once again, there were opportunities, but not as many as other schools in my area.
I went to college after completing my high school education. My high school wasn't the best education wise, but I haven't had problems adapting to the college work load. I have to study which is different from high school where I never had to study at all.
The overall condition of the school is declining, the guidance counselor genuinely cares for the students. We are getting more computers and laptops every year but we are getting fewer class options every year.
I wouldn't choose this school again because every year this school is cutting something and they are hiring more first year teachers so the overall quality of education is declining.
Everything in this school has been declining for years we use to have pretty good health and safety policies now few people follow a lot of the rules, I haven't seen the nurse in literally years. We added security and the teachers are stricter, and internet restrictions, etc.
We used to have snack break but we got rid of it this year, and we used to have a better variety of snack foods and lunch foods but not anymore.
Like most schools, athletics are held in high regard and take priority over other areas such as the art programs or tutoring programs. We have a small weight room but we combine with other schools that have better equipment. Our school has been lacking in school spirit.
The teachers are average overall, we have a lot of first and second year teachers so they do not have a lot of experience working with students. But, we have some teachers that have been here a very long time and know how to work with the students.
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This school only has a few after-school activities most of them are sports. We have the basic clubs such as, Student Council, Art Club, FFA and Spanish Club. Most students give little commitment, but the teachers are involved.
Being such a small school , there are not a wide range of extracurricular activities. There is in fact at least one activity that each student at Argyle can find fun and exciting.
Every staff member is always thinking about the safety of the students at Argyle. At Argyle bullying is taken very seriously and punished as needed, as well as the safety for the students. Everything at Argyle is taken very safely and securely, which is good even being such a small school.
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