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I recently transferred this year to Argyle High School in Argyle, Texas from Arapahoe High School in Denver, Colorado. Major difference going from opposite sides if the spectrum. I love how conservative Argyle is and how focused the school is on academics and athletics.
Argyle has some limitations in their program offerings that some other schools in the area don't have. But their academics are strong, and the school feels like a closely knit community.
Argyle High School overall has a very caring group of teachers and staff. The marching band program is outstanding as well as the level of athletics. The downside is that the school is in a huge growth curve which could affect these attributes.
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At Argyle High, the education is a huge factor that pulls people to the school district. Not to mention all of the sports programs are amazing too. State competitions are almost an expected thing at Argyle. Argyle is the winner of multiple Lone Star Cups presented by UIL. I feel so lucky to have been in the Argyle ISD school system since kindergarten. But beware: kids who take on-level courses may not have as much of an engaging education experience. Pre-AP, dual credit, and AP courses are a must if you want to reap the benefits of Argyle High School.
Argyle has a very small town school feel, while having big school results in sports, academics, band, etc. However, I do wish that it was more diverse and more spirited. Also the bathrooms really need some work. Overall, though, it was a good four years.
Argyle High School was an amazing experience with many wonderful opportunities. I felt like there was always something to be a part of and everyone is very welcoming. I felt very at home and involved at Argyle High School and I wouldn't trade any of my experiences for any other school.
What I liked most about Argyle were the teachers. They have some of the best Dual Credit/AP teachers anywhere. Also, UIL is very educational pushing you to look at where you are in comparison to other students. One thing I wish would change about argyle is the lack of diversity. Due to the lack of diversity, and also the small world views at Argyle, it makes for an uncultured environment.
I love Argyle. This was my first year at the school and in the district, but it's a great school. The students and the teachers are incredible and inviting.
I have very much enjoyed my time at Argyle High School. I have been involved in band and loved every second of it.
Argyle High School is envyed by many surrounding schools due to an abundance of success. Argyle High School is extremely competitive not only on the field, but off as well. Students are expected to be above average and achieve success.
Argyle High School is an amazing school with a fantastic staff who are always there to help the students. There are a lot of activities and clubs and a place for everyone! I wouldn't change a thing!
my kids participate in athletics and love it
great sports! amazing academics! Win Lone Star cup almost every year
The dress out is out dated. It put to much pressure on girls to dress a certain way so boys won't look at you.
Some of the teachers are great. But too many of them allow certain students to get away with things that others would be sent to the office for.
The academics are great, especially for students wanting to take challenging courses. With dual credit and AP classes it is easy to get credit. For students who take on level classes there will be no challenge whatsoever. The school is small, creating lots of gossip. Everyone knows everything about each other. Still, it is a tremendous school and should be recommended to anyone.
Most teachers are great and offer plenty of help inside or outside of class. Some teachers are coaches who are mainly at the school for sports, but they still do a good job in the classroom. Certain teachers stand out and make a huge difference at the school. The high school is extremely accredited.
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It's great, but not the best. Teachers do the best to offer different study options for different learners.
Little diversity among the students. Mostly whites and a faw Hispanics.
Tough coaches who put pressure in order to get the best of students. Extracurricular activities are always fun and enjoyable. Most programs offer after school practice for students .
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