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Argos Community Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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The small class size and ability to get to know my teachers is very helpful in pursuing the education I want, as well as having the support I need going forward.
Argos High School really made me feel at home. I was not born in the community, but once I began attending high school there, I became apart of the tight knit family of Argos high school.
Argos High School is a place that I can call home. The whole small town is revolved around it. The small class sizes allow everyone to know everyone. The small class sizes also allow one-on-one time with teachers to help with our class work. Our lunch food may not be the best, may be the worst around, but that just may be the worst part of the school. Argos High School, athletically, is revolved around our soccer teams, boys and girls. From way back in the 70's to now, our soccer teams have drawn a big crowd. Argos high school, aside from the food, is a place I will not regret going to. Argos is home. Argos is family.
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I enjoyed the student to teacher ratio. Students had the opportunity to closely work with teachers and vice versa. I personally benefited from the small classroom sizes. Overall good experience and opportunity here. For us to grow and keep improving we need more state funding and money in our school system.
There is a lot you can do, and if you want to be involved in something, odds are you can.
Small schools mean you know everyone for twelve years.
It is easy to do one-on-one interactions.
There are many opportunities to get involved in extra curricular activities at Argos! And they each have different goals, you could join a club focused on volunteering within the community, one that focuses on agriculture, one that's just for fun. It's all up to you, and there is no limit on how many you choose to be in. Plus, no matter what club you choose to be in there's always a bunch of committed students to that club that are always willing to hear you out on any new ideas!
Argos is a school where you can be yourself. There are rules, but they're easy to follow. It's a smaller school so you know just about everyone walking through the hallways, and it's a great place to make new friends. Argos has a really friendly environment, there are tons of outgoing and spontaneous students that are just as excited about meeting new people and attending different club activities! It's a really sports-involved school, so just about everyone comes to each of the sporting events. Argos is a very special school, and I strongly believe that any student that goes through Argos would gladly do it all over again!
All of the teachers have you in their best interest. They make themselves available at any time whether it's through email or google classroom, or even coming in during their free period or after school. They are always there to help you and talk you through anything! They truly care about all students and are willing to go out of their way for you.
There are quite a bit of clubs for students to join which is very nice, but there aren't a lot of sports for students. For clubs there is Student Council, Leo's Club, Bowling Club, BPA, NHS, FFA, and more. There probably could be more clubs for students to join but I do not think they are lacking anything. Sports wise men only have soccer, basketball, and baseball. Women only have soccer, basketball, volleyball, and softball.
I really loved Argos and everything about it. It is a very small school and everyone knows each other basically we are all like family. Argos has a great soccer program and that is proven by our record of how many times we have made it to semi-state. I received an amazing education from Argos and that allowed me to further my education at the University of Southern Indiana. Even though I do love Argos and if I would gone to a different school I wouldn't have met some of the amazing friends I have now, but there are things that I wish Argos had. I wish Argos was more ethically diverse, I was one of the few black students. Even though I was a minority at Argos I was treated no different from anyone. Another thing I wish Argos had is more options for students. There isn't a lot of sport or club options for students. I know it is because it is a small school but if it had more options then more students would be interested in attending Argos.
While I attended Argos from 3rd grade up until I graduated I always got along with teachers and the teachers always helped me out if I was struggling and would offer to help after class. The teachers at Argos are super friendly and will help students with any problems that they have and that includes problems not related to school work.
You get to chose your own path as well as vocational programs.
Our local police staff always have a normal checkup at the school every day and watch the perimeter to make sure its always safe.
Everyone goes above and beyond here, the school makes it very clear that our future matters and that it is never to early to start planning. They make sure we get all qualifications needed for our future before we leave.
Most parent's care about the education and well being of all students at this school, because we are so small this school is one giant family.
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The teachers are great, they are always there for you in any situation needed.
Argos High School has a zero-tolerance policy. The administration is always very involved and interacting when it comes to discipline. They want to figure out what the problem is and fix it.
Argos High School has average facilities around the board except for the soccer field which is excellent. They offer soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball, and weight lifting opportunities after school. Argos has fantastic school spirit and has built a good reputation doing so.
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